Novatech Doors Review: Your Top Questions Answered

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on September 9, 2023

Nowadays, people don’t just go for simple doors that would serve their basic needs. Rather, most look for fancy, fashionable, and designed doors to enhance the beauty of their homes according to their personal preferences. Interior designers and architects consider the door style while decorating a home. Check out our Novatech Doors review to learn more about the brand.

Many brands provide high-quality doors to meet differing customer preferences and demands. Novatech group is one of them. But as a conscious buyer before purchasing doors from Novatech, you should know the genuine reviews from customers. Below, we will focus on some questions that will clear your confusion regarding Novatech Doors and help you make the right choice.

Novatech Doors review - Image of a front door

Why do people often suggest not buying Novatech Doors?

Though Novatech company provides one of the cheapest products in the market, it’s not recommended by most consumers. For most builders, the quality of the door matters, and as Novatech company is a China-based company, they doubted its quality.

Again, most users’ experiences with Novatech doors are awful and that’s why they don’t recommend getting products from Novatech doors, though the company’s products look really aesthetic in brochures and are budget-friendly. 

In the past, customers complained that the finishing on Novatech doors is of very poor quality and that the doors themselves come with an unpleasant appearance. Customers discovered that the reality of Novatech Doors is totally dissimilar to what is depicted in the brochures.

Novatech Doors

Why do people complain about Novatech Doors Customer service?

The majority of businesses were not satisfied with Novatech Doors’ customer service. One of Novatech’s clients commented that he was extremely dissatisfied with the factory painting job that was completed on two entry doors that he previously bought from the factory through a local supplier.

The customer also mentioned that the company neglected to paint the paneling inside the building. He also mentioned that the business pushed three packing staples right through the door frame, cladding, and the weather stripping that protruded inside the door, and all three glass panels looked awful as a result.

Several consumers also disclosed that they also experienced unpleasant interactions with Novatech as well. The majority of them are of the opinion that the company is not focused on delivering finished goods in the appropriate manner.

Sunview doors and Novatech Doors, are they both the same?

Midway through the month of December 2021, Novatech Group completed the acquisition of Sunview Doors. Sunview decided to extend its product lines and become more innovative, therefore it joined the Novatech Group. Despite the acquisition, Sunview is continuing the production from Ontario and Novatech from its existing plants.

What are the usual issues with Novatech Doors that customers encounter?

A customer found that Novatech doesn’t prefer to deliver according to customers’ preferences. One of the customers said, “I received the wrong-sized product and they never fit or open well”. Another customer stated that over time, their glass door developed haze.

From the customer’s discussion, it was found the biggest issue they encounter is when the temperature changes, their glass becomes foggy. Also, the Novatech doors provide only a five-year warranty, which is much less than the other companies in the market.

Why do customers complain about not finding adequate information about Novatech Doors?

Novatech Doors’ website isn’t updated; they only provide the design and a brochure for a particular product. As a customer, if you want to get a particular product’s details, you must scroll through a long PDF. It’s kind of time-consuming. Also on the website, it’s not mentioned whether they’re going to provide you with a  warranty card or not.

From the perspective of customers, the process of finding Novatech Doors’ information from their website is quite lengthy. Also, it doesn’t offer an option where the customer can ask any question related to the products.

The website doesn’t even show alternative products that buyers can look for. In fact, on their website, they haven’t added any option where other customers can rate and review their products. So, it can be said that Novatech Doors’ website isn’t user-friendly. 

As we end our Novatech Doors review, it can be said that the company shouldn’t be one’s first choice for doors as there are many others that provide better value-for-money products. So, choose wisely!