Pinhole Leak in Refrigerator Water Line

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on June 9, 2022

A pinhole leak in refrigerator water lines is one of the common problems faced by many refrigerator users. As a curious person, you may want to know how you can get rid of this pinhole leak problem quickly and without hassle. But it can be challenging for you as you are a non-professional. But don’t worry here we have some tips and guidelines for you to deal with pinhole leak-related problems.

To fix the pinhole leak in your refrigerator water line you would need to first identify the leak and be sure that the water is spilling from the leak. If you can see the leak, you can either contact a professional or you can try fixing it yourself. If you think you will fix the leak yourself, then continue reading.

Identify the Pinhole Leak in Refrigerator Water Line :

To get rid of your pinhole leak-related problem, first, you should identify by seeing the symptoms of your refrigerators whether the problem is due to a pinhole leak or not. If you can hear a whistling sound around the plastic tubing, then there can be a pinhole leak. Also, notice your plastic water supply line on the back of the refrigerator. In case you see tears or breaks then there’s a pinhole leak. 

Again, you can try inspecting the water meter. First, turn off the supply and then monitor the water meter. If you see the water meter is still moving, then there’s a pinhole leak in copper piping.

As a non-professional before coming to any decision, first, check and identify the problem properly. If the problem is diagnosed wrong then it’ll only increase your suffering and cost you heavily. So, be conscious and observe in detail.

Repair the Pinhole Leak in the Refrigerator Water Line In a Few Steps:

  • Find the Pinhole leak: After identifying the pinhole leak problem by its symptoms we need to find out the exact part of the pinhole leak.
  • Clean the Water: The next step is drying out the damaged area. For this, you need to clean the water by removing the clog if needed. You can use a special sublimation method to clean that water and remove moisture from the surface. Removing all the moisture from the surface will help you to get rid of the microbes and bacteria.
  • Repair and Restore the Pinhole Leak in the Waterline: Now you’ll have to deal with the most sensitive and challenging part which is to repair and restore the pinhole leak. To repair the pinhole leak of the copper line, you have to use a tubing cutter and remove the defective copper line and replace it with a new one. While replacing the new copper line, make sure its connection isn’t loose. A loose connection can create problems again. So, tighten the nuts carefully but don’t crimp the copper tubing for water lines.

If you don’t want to replace the copper line, you can cut the leaking part out and put a straight tubing fitting as a connector. But if there’s not enough tubing, you can use a wrapped tubing for the water lines to the ice lines. You can find wrap tubing in hardware stores. Generally, wrap tubing guarantees not to leak.

If the leak problem isn’t still solved, there can be a pinhole leak problem with the ferrule. For this ferrule-related problem, you have to change the ferrule. A ferrule pipe generally secures the connection between the pipe and the fridge.

To replace the ferrule, first, you have to turn the nut counterclockwise. After this slide the nut off and remove the copper line. Then you have to cut the end off the copper tube by using a tubing cutter. You will find the ferrule at the end of the copper line. Now you have to be careful as you have to make sure the edge of the cut is smooth. Next, you have to insert the new ferrule onto the end of the copper line.

After inserting the new ferrule line is done, insert the copper tube into the shut-off valve. This will help to restore the connection. In the end, you have to slide back the nut you removed. Tighten the nut and make sure the connection is strong and secured.

What Supplies Do You Need to Fix the Pinhole Leak?

To fix them, you need to use some tools. Here are some important tools which you will  need while fixing the pinhole leak :

  1. ¼  inch ferrules 
  2. ¼ inch copper tubing unions
  3. An adjustable wrench
  4. Adjustable pliers
  5. Tubing cutter

You can find these tools in your local market’s hardware shop easily. While buying them you can also consult with the shopkeeper for a better understanding.

Check Appropriately After Finishing the Repair

Check the connections properly. For this, you can use a newspaper by placing it underneath the pipe. If the newspaper becomes wet then there’s still a problem with the copper line and there’s still a pinhole. There can be some other issues too. However, it’s always better to observe the problems from the start carefully for less hassle and follow all the steps cautiously.