Providence Motor Oil

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Updated on July 24, 2022

Motor parts are always subject to friction, causing wear on car engines. We use motor oils to reduce friction by increasing lubrication between metal-to-metal contact inside our car engines. Moreover, motor oils collect combustion by-products and prevent build-up. Because of the crucial role of motor oil in the life of our car engine, it is best to use a top-tier motor oil like Providence Oil.

Providence Automotive is a top-tier, high detergent Full Synthetic engine oil formulated by Warren Oil for Rural King distribution. Providence Automotive meets the stringent requirements of most car engines, like gasoline-powered light vehicles. It is known to have special additives that promote cleanliness and fuel economy.

Who makes rural king providence motor oil?

Warren Oil formulated and bottled Providence Motor Oil

Warren Oil formulated Providence Automotive Full Synthetic Engine oil and privately labeled it for Rural King’s distribution. Warren Oil is the same oil manufacturer of other known brands like Lubrigard brand, Itasca brand, Coastal brand, and Gold Band.

Customer’s review about Providence oil

Providence Motor Oil got a five-star rating from Rural King’s customer

The general view of consumers about Providence Oil is so far, so good. In the Rural King online store, the product received positive feedback from one customer, favored by 34 more customers. Providence Oil was commended for its quality at a very affordable price. And because it is privately labeled for Rural King’s distribution, you’ll get the opportunity to get a premium product without having to pay for the name on the container.

Additionally, most of the comments from customers are positive as well from forums such as People are saying it’s good API-certified oil, fully formulated, and PQIA tested to meet the latest specifications of most vehicle engines. Most of them recommend using Providence Oil because it’s affordable compared to other leading brands.

While many are satisfied with Providence oil performance, there are quite a few who are skeptical, and some are disappointed with the product. Since the product has no manufacturer’s name indicated on the packaging, many are skeptical about the safety and effectiveness of the product. Some claimed leakage after driving several miles, and some are not just satisfied.  Nevertheless, most of the comments are still positive and have no major issues reported against Providence Motor Oil.

Where can I buy Providence oil?

Buy Providence Motor Oil at any Rural King Store or Rural King’s online store

Providence Oil is manufactured for Rural King distribution- an American Farm and Home Store, a General Merchandise Store operating since 1960 with more than a hundred stores across the U.S. You can buy Providence Automotive Full Synthetic Oil (5W30 5 Quart PA-5305S) in any Rural King store nationwide. You can also purchase Providence Oil from Rural King online stores, either ship it to your doorstep or pick it up from the nearest store in your area. Simply add to the card, head to check out, and you’re done.

How much does it cost?

Providence Oil cost 18.99 US Dollars for 5 Quart or 1.25 Gallon.

You can buy Providence Automotive Full Synthetic Oil (5W30 5 Quart PA-5305S) at a very affordable price from Rural King. It cost 18.99 US Dollars for 5 Quart or 1.25 Gallon.

Is there any warranty provided for Providence oil?

Yes, Rural King also provides a defect or damage warranty within 30 days

Just like any other motor oil brand, Rural King also provides a defect or damage warranty within 30 days of receipt of Providence Automotive Oil. Aside from the warranty they provide, they also allow Returns & Cancellations of any of their product, including Providence Motor oil.

Should you have any issues with Providence Motor oil, you can initiate the return process by calling their Customer Service Department at 1-800-561-1752. Return is covered for the changed mind, misordered, defective, damaged, etc. Just ensure to include the Return Authorization Number provided by the customer service representative, ensure it is in original packaging, and securely packaged to avoid damage in transit. For more information about Rural King’s warranty guidelines, including Returns & Cancellations, visit their website at

Is Providence oil from Rural King worth a try?

Providence Motor Oil is worth a try

According to many comments from customers from several forums online, the product is worth a try. The fact that it is being formulated by one of the world’s trusted oil suppliers, Warren Oil is enough reason to believe that Providence Oil has the quality to maintain your car’s engine. Many of the comments on the web are positive about the product. It is a top-tier motor oil brand formulated with high detergent additives to protect your engine. Aside from this, it also meets the API SN PLUS specification developed for turbocharged engines. Most importantly, its price is reasonable and affordable compared to the leading brand with the same quality. Overall, we can say that the product is worth it for its price and quality.