Rotella T6 Shortage

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on June 29, 2022

Shell’s Rotella line will not resume production until the fourth quarter of 2022 because of what appears to be supply chain problems with the additive suppliers. So it is better to check the local stores immediately if you wish to replace your oil in the next 12 months!

Maybe one reason is that Rotella T6 significantly reduced the older models of EJ205’s piston slap and ticking during cold starts. So instead of waiting for the Rotella T6 to come back, it’s best to change the oil right now. Find an alternative!

Rotella T6 Shortage

There’s no accurate information on why the Rotella T6 shortage came, but one thing is for sure, you must be ready for the worst if you’re a Rotella T6 user and keep on reading what’s the best you can do right now.

Is there a shortage of Rotella T6?

Yes, according to some people who use Rotella T6, the shop at O’Reilly’s said they don’t have Rotella T6 stocks for months. T6 isn’t available locally and can only be purchased on websites like Amazon.

ChrisSki” from the Powerstroke forum said that he even went to Autozone, Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart, but still, there’s no Rotella T6 in stock.

Why is Rotella T6 out of stock?

The user “.706857” stated that it might be some time before we see Rotella T6 again because there was a fire in a warehouse and later at a refinery or something similar that destroyed the stock and supplies.

Nameresud,” on the other hand, said that most import shortages for Rotella T6 are caused by a backlog of freight containers at land ports. It is difficult for further containers to arrive from the ships waiting offshore since they are stacked so densely. All ports in North America appear to be experiencing this.

Are there consequences of the Rotella T6 shortage?

Yes, there are consequences with the Rotella T6 shortage, like people tend to switch and replace their old Rotella T6 oil with other brands like Lucas and Amsoil.

Rotella T6 Shortage

Because Rotella T6 is hard to find, “jeepman3071” from bobistheoilguy forum said that even if you find a Rotella T6 today, it’s pricey that’s why he switched on using the Rotella T4 and Valvoline PB 15w40.

What are the best alternatives to the Rotella T6?

Almost any complete synthetic oil will suffice if you only need a recommendation for oil for a well-kept daily driver that isn’t being tracked. Walmart’s SuperTech was also included in Project Farm’s comparisons of Mobil 1’s Castrol Edge and other products.

Some research discovered that Valvoline Extreme Blue satisfied the requirements for Eco Diesel vehicles manufactured between 2016 and 2021. The Mobil 1 ESP model also complies with specifications, at least through the 2018 model year.

The Pennzoil Ultra Premium or Premium Euro is also in the specification, at least through 2018. However, they changed the labels, which will make you confused (they’re also from Shell-like Rotella T6). Valvoline Extreme Blue is a substitute for T6.

Does the price of Rotella T6 becomes higher because of shortage?

The price of Rotella T6 has become higher because of the shortage. “jeepman3071” from bobistheoilguy again said that when he was shopping in Walmart, the oil (Rotella T6) with 1 gal on its description is listed as out of stock with a normal price right next to the same oil with an increment of $10 more per gallon contrary on the original price.

According to “WItoTX,” he can’t find the Rotella T6 anywhere, and when he searched on Amazon, a 1 gallon cost $200!

It is so expensive! For two 1 gallon jugs and a 1607 filter at National Automotive Parts Association, it was $60, according to “nickardoin96” from Reddit. He also stated that it used to be a case and a filter for the same price.

Where to buy Rotella T6 today amid shortage? 

“Bdcardinal” from Bobistheoilguy forum said that he scored a 9-gallon of Rotella T6 at Home Depot. “Samven,” on the same forum, said that it is very difficult to find any Rotella T6, but it just happened that he managed to see 2 gallons pushed at the back against the wall at Walmart.

Amazon was the choice for “JP_in_STL” when he ordered 9 jugs of Rotella T6 to get him through the year. He just ordered it online and waited for it to be shipped.

Rotella T6 Shortage

“Father of One ” from Fordtremor threads said that he just picked up 4 gallons off the shelf at O’Reilly’s. He also picked up 3 gallons at the same place a couple of months when he bought the first 4 gallons. He said he would continue to buy in O’Reilly’s when he came across it again.

How much longer will Rotella T6 shortage last?

“Naterbomb” from Bobistheoilguy forums said that the Rotella T6 is unavailable to order until January through Paccar. That’s been said, the same goes for bulk and drums that are unavailable for about 2 months from local distributors.