Shiloh Cabinets Reviews

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on June 10, 2022

Cabinets are not just the place to store your cutlery and your dishes, but the best cabinets help to elevate your kitchen and add a touch of glam to it. In recent years, Shiloh cabinets are rapidly becoming more and more popular among homeowners in the US, owing to the brand’s reputation and craftsmanship. Shiloh is an American brand of cabinetry that focuses on elegant wooden cabinets that are made by American craftsmen, and the brand prides itself on its transparent and self-sufficient production process, which ensures top-notch quality. 

Shiloh Cabinets Reviews are the first thing you should look for when you are about to buy Shiloh cabinets. These reviews will not only help you to determine whether the cabinets are worth your investment or not, but they will also offer valuable insights that can help you make better purchase decisions.

The different types of Shiloh cabinets

Shiloh cabinets come in many different sizes and types. Shiloh cabinets offer numerous varieties when it comes to door types, finishes, and added vanities, so you will not have to worry about having too few choices. For example, Shiloh offers cabinets with arched panels as well as those with bristol-styled panels. You can also find aspen-styled cabinets in the brand’s catalog as well. 

If you are looking for island cabinets, Shiloh also does have a lot of similar choices for your consideration. This is the superior choice for small kitchens, as island cabinets can also work as dining tables as well. 

Shiloh cabinets reviews: quality 

Shiloh cabinets are certainly among some of the best choices out there if you are looking for elegant cabinets for your kitchen. Shiloh cabinets reviews by actual customers are quite positive, with many noting that they are solid mid-range choices. This means that while they might not be able to outcompete high-end suppliers, they can easily beat most mass manufacturers when it comes to quality. The finishes of the cabinets are certainly quite nice, but you should not expect a perfect layer of finish. 

Shiloh cabinets are made by American craftsmen with a tightly-controlled manufacturing process to ensure quality consistency. For this reason, you can rest assured that your Shiloh cabinet will be just as good as they claim it to be. 

Shiloh cabinets reviews: aesthetics

The vast range of different cabinet choices means that Shiloh cabinets vary greatly when it comes to aesthetics. However, as many reviewers have noted, the finishes of these cabinets are generally quite beautiful and eye-catching. For middle-class families looking for a reasonable compromise between value and pricing, Shiloh cabinets are solid choices that are well worth your investments. 

Shiloh cabinets reviews: durability

Shiloh cabinets also do not hold back when it comes to their durability. Shiloh cabinets reviews have noted that they are rock solid and quite heavy, both of which indicate high build quality. Some consider them to be as tough as tanks! Most Shiloh cabinets are made from high-quality plywood, and the manufacturer is always careful to wrap the pieces of the cabinet in protective wrappings. This will drastically reduce the chance of the pieces being broken during shipping.

Shiloh cabinets reviews: pricing 

Shiloh cabinets are not considered to be overpriced by most customers. The brand is an upper-mid-range brand, so the prices of their products might be a bit more expensive than mass-produced cabinets by most furniture manufacturers. That said, they are not as expensive as high-end customizable cabinets, and their price range is still acceptable for many middle-class families. For their quality, their pricing is quite reasonable. 

Summary of Shiloh cabinets reviews by real customers 

Real customers who have purchased Shiloh cabinets have had the chance to experience their products first-hand, so their reviews carry a lot of weight. Thus, it is certainly worth the time to take a look at Shiloh cabinets reviews by real customers to see how their experiences go. 

One particular reviewer has noted that they were pleasantly impressed by the build quality of the cabinets, stating that they are like tanks. They also stated that they loved the finish, which was quite consistent. All the extra gadgets such as tray bases or pull-outs were shipped separately. 

Are Shiloh cabinets worth it?

Judging from Shiloh cabinets reviews, it is clear that Shiloh cabinets are particularly good if you are looking for mid-range cabinets that can stand the test of time. These cabinets are generally quite heavy and well-built, ensuring that you will not have to replace them any time soon. They are reasonably priced, and their look is pretty impressive considering the price range. There is just no reason not to invest in them at all! 

Shiloh cabinets reviews are clear: Shiloh is a brand worth taking into consideration. Not only are their cabinets versatile but they are also quite lovely for the price. If you wish to consider alternatives, check out Aspect and Eclipse, both of which have been well-received as well.