Tacoma 315 70r17

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on March 29, 2022

How large of a tire can you install on my Tacoma is by far the most often requested subject in the Tacoma world. It’s a good question; you desire your vehicle to have a hardline attitude with the largest tires available so you can get the best traction while also still turning out of your garage. When you ask this issue on a forum, though, you may get a lot of sarcastic responses from “professionals,” or they could just direct you to another discussion on the site. When a truck is built, Toyota experts do everything they can to maximize the truck in terms of tires and what would fit.

A good aftermarket rim will have a 0 offset or more, which will increase the required backspacing, enabling you to put a great 33-inch or larger tire without chafing or rubbing against the suspension system like the UCA.  You may go 12.5 inches or  315/70/17 with an aftermarket rim. To try and fit exactly, fender covers and so on will need to be trimmed. With minimal drama, a typical tire width for 3′′ raise systems is 285mm. This is more like a  285/75/16′′ or 285/70/17′′, which would be a nice choice because it provides you 2′′ more height and.8′′ more width than stock.

What is the biggest tire for a stock Tacoma?

Without a suspension lift or body and standard rims, the largest tire you can install is 275/70/17. On a standard suspension, fitting 33-inch tires, i.e. 285/70/17, necessitates adjustments to the front bumper liner or rear fender flair. When installing a larger tire to the standard Tacoma rims, you might get away using a 275/70/17 because it is a thinner tire, however the 70 profile, that is 1 inch higher but the similar diameter as the factory, nevertheless provides increased ground clearance. 

On the opposite side of the leaf pack, the tires come into contact with the hangers. You may deflate the tire to make it fit more snugly. The right edge is in direct opposition to the exhaust. The tire should be protected from heat by the heat cover on the muffler pipe.

How wide is a 305 70R17 tire?

The diameter of 305/70R17 tires is 33.8″, the portion width is 12.0″, and the diameter of the wheel is 17″, with a circumference of 106.2″ with 597 revolutions every mile. They are typically allowed for mounting on 8-9.5″ broad wheels.

Can you put 35s on a Tacoma?

You’re ready for larger tires and greater escapades, but you’ve been debating which tire size is perfect for you for a long time. This section will answer your question about whether a 35-inch tire will fit on a Tacoma. It’s a major step to run 35s. Many people gradually increase their tire dimensions as they find what works best for them. When you start running wider tires, you’ll notice that you need more and more space. More chopping and hammering is unavoidable.

To use 35-inch tires, your Tacoma will need to be modified with custom suspension. The needed raise will be at least 2 inches, but 3 inches is preferable. To have these tires function, you don’t need to invest in a costly setup. Any lift that provides enough space, even a gap lift, will operate here. This adjustment is highly advised so you don’t wind up hobbling home after providing your suspension a good workout. After a hard tumble, striking a significant obstruction on the route (such as a log), or even leaping the truck for small strips, spindle gussets were known to collapse. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Will 33 fit on stock Tacoma?

No, you can’t put 33s on a Tacoma unless you make some changes like reducing the fenders as well as fender well materials, as well as using wheel spacers. Without a lift, the only option to accommodate 33s is to take extra time clearing room for such a size tire. The 33′′ (285/70R17) tire width is ideal for the Tacoma since it requires very little attempt to remove the fender well although you don’t own a raise kit or leveling kit. When you include a suspension raise to the equation, clearing this size tire becomes much simpler. 

The 33s are likely the ideal size for anyone who uses their Tacoma every day but enjoys hitting the trails on weekends. Lifts do not often clear tires, but they certainly assist. Once it came to putting 33s on a boosted 2nd Gen vs. the standard 3rd Gen, the raised vehicle was considerably simpler to get it to fit comfortably. We scarcely rubbed on the interior fender going off of curbs after fixing the friction on the top control arm.

How do you fit a 295 70r17 on a Toyota Tacoma?

With a 6′ raise, 295/70 R17 wheels will fit as far as you own a tire with the necessary backspace. You should be able to operate that tire with such a 6″ raise, since it checks out as a 33/11.50; however, you will need to cut the front wheel’s front wells a little bit, and they will not rub there anymore.