TEC Power Grout Reviews    

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Updated on June 2, 2022

Grout is an essential material used as filler for the joints between tiles once the tile you are installing has been set. Grout is needed when laying tiles to prevent any liquid from entering under the tiles that could damage them, such as cracking. Many types of grouts can be used, such as unsanded, fine sanded, quarry type, and epoxy.

TEC Power grout is just one of the grout types that stand out in the market. This is a unique breakthrough in grout technology. A lot of good feedback from customers has been about the performance of TEC Power grout, some of which is the effectiveness of this grout on any kind of tiles. It is also very easy to use and not prone to staining. It also prevents cracking and shrinking. This product is available in many stores worldwide, including online marketplaces like Amazon. Its features are detailed, but it has no reviews from customers yet. Here in this article, reviews are compiled from various forums and online markets right from the customers to provide ideas and clarity before buying TEC power grout.

What are the common complaints about TEC Power Grout?

TEC Power Grout not curing

TEC is expected to cure within 72 hrs. But, there have been complaints that TEC grout did not cure in a timely manner. Sometimes over a month but it still does not cure and can be easily washed out. However, this is often associated with incorrect mixing of TEC grout. Therefore, it is important to measure the water that will mix with the grout according to the instruction.

Shows signs of efflorescence

Efflorescence is a powdery or crusty deposition on the surface of the grout joint, generally caused by the presence of moisture or water on the grout area. This occurs when the grout is mixed with excess water or exposed to water leakage from bathroom slabs. Make sure the area where the TEC power grout is applied is dry and clean to prevent this. You can also use a mild neutral cleaner.

Disintegration of grout residue

After fully curing the TEC power grout, some say that there are grout residues being washed away when wet by the shower, even though it has been cured for more than a month. It could be a tile installer error or a problem with the product formula.

Colored TEC power grout bleeds when wet

When wet and rubbed, the color bleeds into tiles dramatically. Some tried to use 511 impregnator sealers in hopes of diminishing the problem, but it’s not as effective.

Summary of people’s personal experience with TEC Power Grout on forums?

People’s personal experience with TEC power grout is divided

The reactions of buyers and tile installers have been divided when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of TEC power grout. Many liked it because it is easy to use, stain proof, and has proven that the product is good. But there are also those who are not happy with the product. There have been several complaints that the opposite of what TEC power grout has promised has occurred. Many were happy with the product, but there were also those who were not, especially with issues about not curing, efflorescence, not long-lasing, and so on. Others say it might be a human error, like too much water or the wrong method of application. Whatever the problem is, TEC is ready to assist their customer. It is also highly suggested to follow the mixing and application instructions to ensure the effectiveness of the TEC power grout.

What are the best features of TEC Power Grout?

Here are some of the recommended features of TEC power grout:

Ease of use

According to TEC power grout users, it is very easy to use and straightforward. No need for sophisticated equipment as it is easy to mix and apply.


It is resistant to most common water-based stains, such as coffee, fruit juice, tea, hard water scum, and water stains.

Set and cures fast

The TEC power grout is quick to set in just 4 hrs. It is fast curing, taking only 72 hrs to cure.

Resistant to shrinking and cracking.

It has special formulation that resist shrinking and cracking, making it last longer than the other types of grout.

Never needs sealing

Unlike any other grout, TEC power grout never needs sealing. Thus, it saves you more time and money.

How long does a TEC Power Grout last?

Usually, it takes between eight and sixteen years

No matter what grout it is, no grout will last a lifetime. Usually, it takes between eight and sixteen years, depending on how you take care of your tile flooring. The same goes for TEC power grout. It is durable and long-lasting, but it still won’t last forever.

How long does a TEC Power Grout cure?

Curing takes up to 72 hours

According to TEC and others who have used TEC power grout, curing takes up to 72 hrs. But some also say that it takes longer than 72 hours to cure. Maybe, it depends on how it was used by the tile installer.