Therma Tru vs Jeld Wen

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Updated on June 4, 2022

Jeld-Wen and Therma-Tru are the biggest door manufacturers in America. These two companies are quite trustworthy in the quality and durability of their products. There are only a few differences between them, such as price. The price of the Therma-Tru is significantly more expensive than the Jeld-Wen.

In the 2019 Builder Brand Use Study, conducted by Hanley Wood, Therma-Tru was named the “Most Used Brand” and became number one in quality. They have retained their title for over 20 years. Jeld-wen, on the other hand, was honored by Energy Stat as Manufacturer of the Year in the category of Windows and Doors for 2021. This means that these two brands are really reliable in their quality and service. In this article, we will again preview the essential details of these 2 brands to assist consumers in choosing what they will use in their construction.

Which is better between Therma-Tru and Jeld-wen for stainable fiberglass doors?

Fiberglass entry doors are one of the doors that homeowners and builders love. They’re weatherproof, easy to maintain, and look like authentic wood. It is commonly used because it is super-durable, doesn’t warp, and bugles like the typical wood doors. Moreover, it is also fire-resistant. It is also long-lasting that survive harsh environment and weather for 10 to 20 years or even longer. Therma Tru and Jeld Wen are both trusted brand that manufactures fiberglass entry door.

According to those who have experienced using both brands, Therma-Tru lasted longer than Jeld Wen, because Jeld-Wen’s seal cracks and breaks easier than Therma Tru. Some say that the Jeld-Wen is a tad better than the Therma-Tru in its weatherstripping, as it is removable and easy to replace, unlike Therma Tru. Between Therma Tru and Jeld Wen, Therma Tru is significantly more expensive than Jeld Wen in this category. However, their quality is almost the same. So, if you want something cheaper but with quality, Jeld-Wen might be the best for you.

Which has better quality between Therma Tru and Jeld Wen?

The quality of both Therma Tru and Jeld-Wen are almost the same.

When it comes to quality and durability, Jeld-Wen and Therma-Tru are almost similar. In fact, both of them can last 10 to 20 years. Comments about Therma-Tru and Jeld-Wen are divided on forums. Some say Therma-Tru has better quality, while others say otherwise. But if we review the key attributes of these doors, Therma-Tru leads in quality and security. Therma-Tru has highly rated fire options and can withstand fire for up to 20 minutes. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent air infiltration. Jeld-Wen, on the other hand, is using BASF Neopor as thermal rigid insulation leverage.

Which has better value for money between Therma-Tru and Jeld-wen?

Jeld-Wen is cheaper than Therma-Tru in almost the same quality

If you are looking for a cheaper but high-quality door, Jeld-Wen might be the one. Jeld-Wen is more affordable than the Therma-Tru in almost the same quality. Nevertheless, both brands have reliable quality. There are some features of Therma-Tru that are better than the Jeld-Wen and vice versa. It is critical to read and understand each brand’s features and choose according to your need. Because you can only say it’s worth the price if what you have purchased is serving its purpose according to what you need.

Which has a better finish, Therma-Tru or Jeld-wen?

Jeld-Wen has a better finish than Therma-tru

According to several reviews in some forums, like Houzz, Jeld-Wen has a better finish as it comes stunningly finished and stained to your color choice. There are several comments that Therma-Tru does not have a nice finish, unlike Jeld-Wen. This is because Jeld-Wen is using Nickel Vapor Depositional Technology, a vapor deposition process used to produce fiberglass, which makes doors indistinguishable from real wood.

Therma Tru and Jeld Wen comparison


The quality of Jeld-Wen and Therma-Tru is pretty much the same. But Therma-Tru lasts longer in extreme circumstances than Jeld-Wen. Therma-Tru can last on fire for up to 20 minutes and in harsh weather conditions. Because of this, we can say that Therma-Thru will last longer than Jeld-Wen. However, we cannot discount the fact that Jeld-Wen is also a good quality door.  They use premium fiberglass doors that are exceptionally durable, resist harsh winds, and increase the security of a home.


Therma-Tru is more expensive than Jeld-Wen and almost 1/3 less than Thermatru. In the same style, the Jeld-Wen costs $ 1500 compared to Therma-Tru and $ 3000.


Most feedback would say that Therma Tru is nice but not as realistic as the Jeld Wen. They have a wider collection that uses Nickel Vapor Depositional Technology to customize the doors according to the customer’s preference. Jeld-Wen has 32 door styles, such as wood-mimicking mahogany and smooth surfaces that look like a real wood.


The Therma-Tru warranty is better than the Jeld-Wen. Therma-Tru provides a lifetime warranty, while Jeld-Wen is only for up to 25 years.