West Elm vs Room and Board

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Updated on May 22, 2022

Furniture is the most integral part of our home interiors. It is a basic necessity in every home that provides comfort and makes our lives easier. A home without furniture is dull and difficult to live in. There is nothing to explain about the importance of furniture in our lives. But there are things to consider when planning to buy your home furniture. Choosing the right furniture for your home not only improves the overall look but your overall being.

When buying furniture, you must consider the reputation of any furniture company. West Elm and Room & Board are the top modern furniture and home decor companies trusted by many in providing quality furniture and home decor. This article will give more insights into the difference between the two to help homeowners decide which brand they can trust.

Which is a better furniture shop between West Elm and Room & Board?

According to the Comparability, Room & Board has higher net promoter score than West Elm

Room & Board stands out more than West Elm. Although West Elm aims to provide the timeless quality home decor, Room & Board was favored by many. Many feedbacks from customers said that Room & Board has better quality than West Elm.  According to the Comparability study, Room & Board’s Net Promoter Score in terms of Product Quality, Pricing, and Customer service, is about 18, while West Elm received a negative 85 NPS.

West Elm and Room & Board Global Comparison

Room & Board and West Elms are two furniture companies that promote local American-made products. Let’s take a closer look at the West Elm and Room & Board comparison. 


West Elm, founded in 2002, is a newcomer compared to Room and Board, which has been established since 1980. Room and Board have slightly higher price points because Room and Board is a more established furniture retailer than West Elm.

Additionally, Room & Board is more expensive than West Elm because the materials used for Room & Board are not cheap. They offer moderately to high-end price points. Their sofas range from $1100 to $5000. On the contrary, West Elm is cheaper than Room & Board. You can get a sofa for as low as $ 649 to $4700.

Product Quality 

Room & Board uses lacquered quality solid woods, kiln-dried engineered hardwood, and reinforced veneered particleboard. On the other hand, West Elms uses green materials whenever possible. In fact, more than 50% of their products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. West Elm’s advocacy is noble, but the quality of their product is not better than that of Room and Board. 

Design Options

Both Room and Board and West Elm provide a wide array of design selections. Room and Board are mostly contemporary and modern in their design, while West Elm has a variety of trendy styles and urban styles that are practical in mostly wooden craftsmanship.


West Elm has sustainability initiatives wherein the fabrics they use are usually post-consumer recycled. They have a wide selection of fabrics, such as classic plain weaves, vibrant velvet, patterns, and textured weaves that are eco-friendly.

Room and Board also offer a wide selection of fabrics such as cotton, linen, or flax that are naturally breathable and soft. These fabrics are pet-friendly, snag-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain repellant. Many of their fabrics are woven in the U.S. using domestic and imported yarns, exclusively for Room and Board.


Both West Elm and Room and Boards have almost the same furniture delivery policy. Both offer front door parcel delivery, next-day shipments, unlimited flat rate shipping, and international shipping.

Room and Board offer full-service delivery, including assembly, placement, and packaging removal, whereas West Elm only includes assembly in their premium White Glove Service and does not include it in flat rate shipping.

In conclusion, the differences between West Elm and Room and Board involve design, price, quality, and features. It’s up to you to decide which vendor will resonate with your current home design.

Which has better product quality, West Elm or Room and Board?

Room and Board have a better approval rating than West Elm in terms of quality.

Room and Board have a better approval rating than West Elm in terms of quality. Several rating sites such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Yelp, and many more have high ratings. Most of the comments from customers stated that Room and Board are sturdier than the latter. If you look at the sofas of both brands, Room and Board really stand out because everything is solid wood, unlike West Elm’s, where the foot of the sofa is the only thing made in solid wood. What is best with West Elms is they are more eco-friendly and use green materials for their products.

Which has better customer service between West Elm and Room and Board? 

Room and Board received higher rating for customer service

Customers of Room and Board gave favorable feedback contributing to their overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.1, according to TrustPilot. On the other hand, West Elm was perceived negatively by most customers based on their experience with customer service complaining about rude customer service and slow process. In fact, Trust pilot shows an overall rating of 1.3 because of this matter.