What Is Water Plus on LG Washer

LG is one of the large appliance companies in the world. They are also number one in product and service quality in the American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings. It is undeniable that LG is reliable and durable. The washing machine is one of the in-demand products of LG, particularly the top loads and front loads.

The standard water capacity of the LG is 19-22 gallons for the top load and 11.9-13.9 for the front load. It’s even lower when your washer has a steam feature. Recently, LG added a Water Plus feature to their washers that will automatically add water to your washer’s usual water capacity. But what exactly is it? Will it help our laundry? The short answer is yes if you use it correctly.

What does the water plus button do on an LG washer?

Water Plus add extra water to the wash cycle

The Water Plus addition in LG washers aims to add extra water to the wash cycle. You can press it anytime during the wash cycle. It is intended for bigger items that absorb more water, such as comforters or large coats. It is also used for stain treatment of larger clothes. Remember that it is essential to have enough water when washing, to ensure that your laundry is clean. Large washes often absorb more water which causes water to be inadequate. Due to the LG Water Plus function, we can ensure clean wash for larger clothes. Water Plus is an excellent addition to LG washers, but keep in mind that when the washing machine reaches its maximum water level, the Water Plus button does not function.

How do you select the water plus a feature on the LG WT?

Selecting Water Plus in LG is pretty easy. Here are the steps on how to enable and use the Water Plus option in LG washers: 

Step 1: Pause the wash cycle

Press the Start/Pause button to pause the running cycle. 

Step 2: Press the Water Plus button

Press the Water Plus button. After selecting the Water Plus button, it will become the default option for the wash cycle. 

Step 3: Resume wash cycle

Press the Start/Pause button again to resume the wash cycle. 

Step 4: Deselect the Water Plus option

Since the Water Plus has become the default option for the wash, you may deselect the Water Plus option after starting the cycle.

There are a few things to remember before using Water Plus option, such as:  

  1. Ensure that the load sensing is completed first before pressing the Water Plus button; otherwise, it will not function correctly. 
  2. Once the washer has reached the maximum load limit, the Water Plus option will cease to work. 
  3. You can only press the Water Plus button in the current wash cycle.

When do I need to use the water plus option?

Use Water Plus option for larger clothes and stain treatment

Sometimes, laundry is easy to wash and requires just the regular wash option. However, there are times when the fabrics of clothes are thicker, which usually absorbs more water. We also have laundry that needs intense washing and stain treatment. In these cases, the usual wash will not work. So LG has added a Water Plus feature to their washers to ease our laundry in situations like this. The Water Plus option is ideal for larger clothes and has a severe stain.

How many gallons of water are added when water plus a feature is on?

Water Plus adds about one gallon water

LG washers usually have 19-22 gallons for the top load and 11.9-13.9 for the front load water limit. The Water Plus option adds about one gallon of water per portion of the Cycle. But this addition will stop once the LG washer reaches its water limit.

Why does my LG washer water Plus not working?

Water Plus will not work if it is used incorrectly or if it is faulty

If your Water Plus option is not working, you are probably using it incorrectly. Remember that it will only work if you enable it after the load sensing of a wash cycle is completed and a few sprays of water has been done. Otherwise, it will not work. You also must consider the water limit of your washer because as soon as the washer has reached its water limit, the Water Plus option will not work. However, if you have done all this and made sure the water limit has not yet been reached, you can consult an LG technician if it is faulty.

How to fix if LG washer water Plus stops working?

Check if you are operating it correctly or have it check by a washer technician

First, ensure that you are operating it correctly. But, if you are sure, you have used it properly, then it is time to consult an LG washer repair person to check on any defect in the machine. Do not attempt to open it if you are not an expert with washers, as you may damage it further or cause an accident.