Who Makes Subaru Oil Filters

Subaru is one of the world’s largest transportation manufacturers. In fact, they were recognized as the 21st largest automaker worldwide in 2017. Subaru is meticulous in choosing spare parts for their units, such as oil filters.

Subaru has a partnership with Fram to supply oil filters. These oil filters can capture harmful debris, contaminants, dirt, and metal fragments from engine oil that accumulate over time.

Subaru has two types of oil filters. The Genuine Subaru 15208AA130 is the black version made in Japan by Tokyo Roki. Meanwhile, the Genuine Subaru 15208AA12A is colored blue and made by Fram.

Fram Company Overview

Fram is a trusted American automotive parts brand manufacturing oil filters for over 90 years. Fram manufactures their products in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio bases. They have also known as original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of oil filters for Subaru’s more recent car units, either conventional or synthetic oil types. Up to this date, they are still in the market and producing OEM oil filters and aftermarket oil filters.

Fram Company History

Several decades ago, oil filters in the market were difficult to install. Two chemists from Providence, Rhode Island laboratory came up with a solution using an easily replaceable revolutionary oil filtering element. Since then, people have patronized their product, and have been successful in the market till now.

Over time, Fram has produced a variety of oil filter models for large trucks, tractors, and diesel cars. Their business expanded and formed partnerships with large car dealers, such as Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Graham, and Studebaker. Because of Fram’s dedication to producing high-quality replaceable oil filtering elements, they were awarded Army-Navy “E” award, which made them the exclusive manufacturer for filter development in 1945. Over the 90 years, Fram opened the industry’s largest filtration engineering and research facility in 1972.

Fram was previously part of Honeywell until 2011. Then in 2019, First Brands Group, LLC (also known as Trico Group) acquired Fram from Honeywesll

What products does Fram make?

Fram offers a wide array of automotive supplies such as:

Oil Filters

  1. UltraSynthetic– suitable for old and new engines protecting up to 20,000 miles. It is compatible with synthetic oils.
  2. Titanium– it provides 99% dirt-trapping efficiency protecting up to 20,000 miles
  3. Fram Force- suitable for towing, hauling, and stop-and-go traffic for up to 15,000 miles of protection
  4. Tough guard– ideal for extreme weather conditions and stop-and-go traffic for up to 15,000 miles of protection
  5. Extra guard- an ideal oil filter for everyday driving, that requires oil changes at OE recommended intervals. It gives protection for up to 10,000 miles with its silicone anti-drain back valve
  6. Fram Drive- provides 7,500 Miles of Protection for everyday driving
  7. Racing- Ideal for Racing and High-Performance Street Vehicles that can withstand High Pressure Flexing

Aside from OEM and aftermarket Oil Filters, they also manufacture and sell

Air Filters

Fram manufacture high-quality, dependable, and easy-to-install air filters that will surely increase the overall performance of your vehicle.

  1. Ultra-Air
  2. Tough guard
  3. Extra guard
  4. Drive

Cabin Air Filters

Fram manufactures the best Drive Cabin Air Filters in the market, providing up to 98% of dust protection from entering your car.

  1. Fram Trueair
  2. Fram Fresh Breeze

Automotive Fluids

Fram also produces a full spectrum of motor oil and fluids for car maintenance, which was rated with 95 percent effectiveness at the filtration of particles up to 20 microns.

  1. Motor oil
  2. Automatic Transmission Fluid
  3. Performance Chemicals
  4. Small Engine
  5. Antifreeze
  6. Grease & Gear Oil

Issues and Controversies of the company?

During Fram’s tenure in the oil filters industry, there was no record of a lawsuit or major controversy faced by it Fram or even by Subaru over the use of OEM oil filters manufactured by Fram. There are some complaints about Fram products, just like any other brand, but that doesn’t discount the fact that Fram has been trusted by many for almost a hundred years.

Reviews and Rating of the company

The general perception of the public of Fram is excellent. Although there are some complaints about their orange canister oil filters, their OEM Subaru air filter has received good feedback from the public. In fact, the product has received a 4.6-star rating from Subaru Part Pros, a genuine Subaru parts & accessories online shop. Additionally, they have received great feedback from one of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon. They have received 4.8 out of 5 stars ratings from 1,812 global customers. 88 percent of the customers were fully satisfied with the level of service and quality provided by the product. True to the core of Fram, Subaru’s oil filter is easy to install and has a great value for money. Most customers commended how it is simple, effective, and convenient without compromising the performance of the vehicle.