Why is Gulf Western Oil so Cheap

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on March 23, 2022

You need to feed your beloved car with the best oils and fuel to keep them from degrading fast. One of the products you need to look into is synthetic car oil, which helps protect your engine from debris and ensures efficient performance.

Gulf Western Oil is a known brand with cheap synthetic oil for most vehicles. The company can sell its products at a lower price because of its ability to produce its products without sacrificing quality. Their success is connected to minimizing product waste and maximizing resources.

With lots of expensive options, you might be tempted to cut costs by choosing a cheaper synthetic car oil option. So, let us see if Gulf Western Oil can come close to other expensive oil options without ruining your car’s performance.

Where does Gulf Western Oil come from?

Gulf Western Oil is an Australia-owned company. However, they are now distributing their products to countries outside Australia because of their vast improvements over the years.

After more than 30 years of service, Gulf Western Oil is now supplying its car oil products to China, New Zealand, Vietnam, India, and most parts of the Asia Pacific.

The company still expands its variety of products and exports them to their partner countries. Now, you can shop their diesel and petrol engine oils, lubricants, coolants, and many more.

Who owns Gulf Western Oil?

In 1988, a family had stepped up and started a car oil corporation that would soon be a multi-million-liter organization that distributes products worldwide.

The Gulf Western Oil Company founders are Peter Vicary and his two sons, Ben and Andrew Vicary. Initially, the family wanted to cater to the needs of the Australian market.

Despite decades of being in operations, Gulf Western Oil remains a company under the operation of the Vicary family. Also, it remains under the ownership of Australian individuals.

Is GW oil good?

Regardless of their price, car oils are considered good if it gets the job done for your car. Essentially, they must keep your car’s engine free from debris, reduce internal friction, and provide lubrication to keep your gears running in top shape.

Usually, people think of cheaper options as a less-worthy brand. However, this is not the case with Gulf Western Oil.

Gulf Western Oil claims to have been a trustworthy provider of high-quality, Australian-made, and internationally authorized lubricants to the industry for more than three decades. Its years in service proved that it is a reliable option as it has shown to commit to customer needs.

This oil brand offers good products because the facilities that mass-produce them are very technologically advanced. They also curate their formulations to cater to the harsh conditions of cars running around Australia.

Moreover, the base oils and technology used to add ingredients to their oils are carefully researched to ensure that they can keep up with the customers’ demands.

Because of all these, Gulf Western Oil established loyal customer support, and people keep coming back to buy their oils.

Is Gulf Western Oil just as good as expensive oil?

Expensive oil options that you can see in the market are Redline oil, Motorcraft, and other synthetic car oil manufacturers.

Keep in mind that synthetic car oils are generally on the higher end of the prices of oils because of more additive ingredients that conventional oils cannot give you. So, expect to pour in extra cash if you want to take advantage of those properties.

The question raised with all the differences in car oil price points is its worth. As the brand offers lower priced products, Gulf Western Oil can keep up with other expensive oil options. You will not be given a significantly lower performance just because of the price tag difference.

Findings extracted from studying different brands and costs of synthetic car oils suggest no significant differences in them.

Expensive car oil brands usually market their products as more beneficial to your car by pouring in many technical terms that are often confusing for the car owners. However, if each chemical breakdown of the oils is scrutinized, there are very minimal differences seen.

Therefore, Gulf Westerner Oil, despite being cheaper, offers virtually the same performance to your vehicles.

Is Gulf Western Oil worth buying?

Yes, Gulf Western Oil is worth buying. As we noted earlier, the more expensive car oils may market their products as something more beneficial. However, the differences among their chemical composition are too negligible.

Gulf Western Oil can keep your engines running smoothly with added lubrication and protection from trapped dirt. The company is also keen on its quality assurance. They only use the best facilities and chemical formulations to help their customers get the best out of every liter.

Just make sure to consider what your car specifications need first. With this in mind, you can find the most appropriate car oil that you need!