Wolf Microwave Reviews

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Updated on June 7, 2022

It is common for most households to have leftovers, especially during special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. The microwave oven is the most convenient appliance than can help us salvage leftovers. Primarily, microwave ovens are used in cooking and reheating leftovers. But it is also used to disinfect kitchen items, make citrus fruits juicer, heat beauty products, etc. Indeed, the microwave oven is a very versatile kitchen appliance that helps us in our kitchen.

It’s crucial to find the right-sized microwave oven that meets your needs and fits your kitchen space. If you are looking for a quality microwave oven, Wolf microwave could be the best for you. It is designed to do far more than reheating leftovers, such as baking, melting frozen foods, softening, or popping your popcorns. Wolf microwave is of the trusted microwave brands for long shelf life and durability.

Does Wolf make a good microwave?

Wolf definitely makes good microwave ovens

Wolf is making a built-in microwave oven drawer, drop-down door, and side-swing microwave models manufactured in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Wolf’s quality is, without a doubt, one of the best built-in microwave ovens that were built and tested to last for decades. Wolf offers innovative and quality microwave ovens that stand out against other brands with their sleek look built-in with their trim. It can be installed as freestanding or built-in cabinetry to match your kitchen design. It blends beautifully into any kitchen and saves a lot of space such as countertops which can be used for other stuff.

Is Wolf a reliable microwave?

Yes, Wolf is a reliable microwave oven

Without a doubt, Wolf microwave products are reliable. This oven is durable and will definitely last a long time. It is definitely resistant to any damage. Also, Wolf microwave oven is a reliable cooking tool that helps every household prepare the best food at their table. Wolf microwave ovens are perfect for a busy home cook with the combined microwave and oven technology in one appliance. This gives a lot of opportunities and flexibility to cook their food with ease. More customers are fond of its features, like the Gourmet mode, which automatically adjusts cook time and power level. The quick-start option is also suitable for fast cooking like reheating your pizza, cooking popcorns, etc.

Wolf microwave online review rating

Wolf got an overall satisfaction rating of 3.6 out of 5 based on 147 ratings

Most of the reviews online about Wolf Microwave Oven are very satisfactory. True to their reputation, they have made their customers happy and satisfied with the brand. According to the Consumer Affairs website, Wolf got an overall satisfaction rating of 3.6 out of 5 based on 147 ratings from actual customers. Most comments lauded Wolf’s beautiful design, innovative features, flexible installation options, and extensive warranties.

Another review from Noms Magazine ranked Wolf 6th in their recently published article about the 10 Best Microwaves for 2022. They have included the commendable durability of the appliance and the premium materials used to manufacture the product. Lots of customers are also delighted that Wolf has plenty of accessories dedicated to the ease of baking and cooking. Indeed, this luxury-tiered brand never fails the public in providing innovative, superb, well-designed, and excellent cooking or baking appliance.

What are the common complaints about Wolf Microwave?

The price 

Wolf Microwave ovens are not cheap. One unit of Wolf Microwave oven could cost more than two thousand USD, depending on the configuration and style you need which is way expensive than the other brands.

Serious Oven Malfunction 

There are several complaints online stating that there were instances where the oven exploded, which was also claimed to be listed under their common issues. 

The oven stopped working or turning on

There are complaints about their units not turning on, or the unit’s cycle won’t start, which could be associated with a faulty main control board, broken door switch, power supply problems, etc.

Bad Customer Service 

Some customers complain about Wolf’s customer service, wherein they are seemed to be defensive rather than helpful in resolving their concerns.

Are Wolf microwaves worth it?

Wolf Microwave Ovens are worth buying for

If you are looking for an innovative and sleek design, the Wolf microwave would be the best for you. It is worth your money because it does not only add beauty to your kitchen but also gives a more flexible cooking experience beyond the basic reheat options. Its combined microwave and oven technology provide more opportunities for homeowners to elevate their cooking experience and the quality of food they serve. You have the power to control and choose the design that would fit your needs and your kitchen space for the built-in option they have. Ultimately, the quality of the product is also top-of-the-line with its long shelf life and durability that can surpass usual damages.