How to Use Klarna to Buy AirPods

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

The Apple AirPods have become a popular product that consumers buy. However, sometimes, AirPods can be a little expensive, so some people have to get some help from financing services like Klarna.

Klarna is used to buying AirPods when checking out on the Apple website. Upon checking out, the next thing is to select Klarna as the payment method.

They helped many individuals get the AirPods that they wanted finally. It is now possible to get it even without paying the total price.

Many of the customer’s benefits from Klarna come from the Buy Now, Pay Later features. Still, it’s not guaranteed for each Klarna user to buy whatever they want.

Every purchase of a Klarna user still needed to be approved by them first. In a way, Klarna users will have to gain Klarna’s trust to enjoy the service entirely.

Still, the restrictions aren’t a big issue for most Klarna users. It even didn’t stop them from purchasing the best AirPods available online.

Klarna AirPods

Does Apple Accept Klarna?

Yes. Apple accepts Klarna as a method of payment. 

Even though Apple provides a payment plan, some buyers still prefer Klarna for payment. Apple buyers widely use Klarna through a browser extension or the Klarna app.

Klarna AirPods

How Do I Add Klarna Card to Apple Wallet?

You can effectively add a Klarna card to an Apple wallet using the Klarna app for mobile. First, you have to find the ‘in-store’ text at the lower part of the page or screen.

After that, select or search for the store you want to buy from. Then, you have to adjust and input your preferred budget and create a Klarna card. 

Assuming that a Klarna user is also an iPhone user, they’ll be asked to add the card to their Apple Wallet. It will only happen if it’s the first time they have created the card.

Android OS users will be asked to add the card in their Google Pay wallets instead. Now, for users that have performed the actions before, the new card will be integrated automatically into their Apple Wallet or Google Pay wallet.

Klarna AirPods

Using Klarna to Buy AirPods

Purchasing AirPods is now easier with the help of Klarna. However, to ensure that the purchasing process goes as smoothly as possible, there are specific steps that buyers should consider first.

Make your AirPods purchase by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Website

Using any web browser on any device, go to and see what they have to offer. In the upper part of the web page, you will see many of their product categories.

On the top part of the web page, check the country you are currently in. It will be automatically adjusted most of the time based on your location.

Then, look specifically for the ‘AirPods’ text and click on it to proceed. Also, you can check out other possible deals or discounts that they offer on the current page.

Step 2: Select your Ideal AirPods

You will immediately see their latest AirPodsmodel or generation on the next page. The current price of specific AirPods will also be displayed with it. 

If the current AirPods don’t fit your budget, then you can also browse for more by scrolling down. The lowest-priced AirPods available on the site now are the 2nd Gen AirPods. 

The newest one is the 3rd Gen AirPods and is also available with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. You can check all of them out and compare which fits your needs.

Still, all of them have a fast charge feature, with a microphone and some sensors included. After you choose a model, click the ‘buy’ button, and then it will take you to the next step. 

Step 3: Go to your Apple’ Bag’

When you click on the ‘, add to bag,’ the total price of your order will be displayed immediately. After you have reviewed your items, click on the ‘checkout’ button.

Then you can continue as a Guest or sign in using your Apple ID to proceed further.

Step 4: Checkout your item using Klarna

You can use any method of payment and then use Klarna after. Also, you can use the Klarna card that you added to your Apple Wallet. 

How Do You Use Klarna at Checkout?

You can use Klarna for checkout by downloading the Klarna app or using it on a web browser by extension. Then, you have to go to your shopping cart in Apple, or ‘bag.’

On the checkout page, tap on the ‘Pay with K’ button to pay using Klarna. You can select the pay in 4 option to purchase your item into 4 split payments that you can pay every 2 weeks.

Why Won’t My Klarna Payment Go Through?

If you are a new Klarna user, there may be more restrictions in buying for you. Klarna will have to approve your purchase first before you complete your payment.

However, if you think it is not the case, you can contact the Klarna team at their website or by email to ask questions. 

Klarna AirPods

Alternatives to Using Klarna to Buy AirPods

For individuals who don’t want to use Klarna to buy AirPods, there are still similar alternatives available for them to discover. Here are some notable alternatives to Klarna:

a. Afterpay 

It is another Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform that allows its users to split payments to be paid every two weeks. They have partnered with 11,000 online stores, so many shops to choose from.

b. Affirm

Affirm is a widely known financing platform that buyers can also use to pay for almost every online store available on the Internet. And also, they require mandatory approval of credit checks first. 

c. PayPal Credit

If you are a PayPal user that wants to pay for products in online stores, then this is perfect for you. PayPal Credit enables its users to pay for an online product in installments. 

However, the interest rate can be slightly higher than the other alternatives.