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Updated on April 3, 2022

Etsy, Inc. is an American e-commerce company that created a global online marketplace where independent artists and crafters can sell their masterpieces.  Customers can buy and collect crafts, handmade or vintage items. Etsy offers a wide array of categories, such as jewelry, bags, men’s & women’s apparel, home decorations & furniture, art supplies, kid items, and many more. Buying on Etsy is pretty easy. Find an item you want on Choose the item you want, hit add to cart, then check out your order. However, there are times when items are left on the shopping carts, called abandoned carts. 

When an abandoned cart happens, these customers will receive an email offering them an abandoned cart coupon for the item they have left out in the shopping cart 24 hours after adding the item to their carts. 

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What is an abandoned cart on Etsy?

Checkout abandonment is a usual problem for all e-Commerce sellers. An abandoned cart on Etsy happens when a potential customer placed an item in their shopping cart but never completed the checkout. Customers abandoned their carts because of several reasons, like: 

  • Lack of trust – happens because of hesitations on sharing credit card information online or worry about fraud.
  • Shipping option and costs – Customers abandon carts and try to find other stores that offer better shipping options or free shipping promos. 
  • Complexity – Most shoppers have no patience for a too complex process that will eat up their time. Some stores even require a shopper to register before checking out. Online shoppers want it to be quick and easy. Hence, they opt to shop online and not in the physical store. 
  • Browsing behavior – Many shoppers are just merely browsing with no intent to buy. Shoppers aren’t ready to decide yet unless there are limited promos offered. 
  • Lack of payment options- customers usually have different payment preferences. Lack of payment options will cause customers not to complete the order and look for other stores.
  • Price is too high – customers often look for a better quality product at a cheaper price. So, they often look for the best deals. 
  • Technical problems – technical issues such as glitches, bugs, latency, and site errors can cause cart abandonment.   

These are just a few of the reasons for the large portion of checkout abandonment in Etsy. But there are numerous ways to resolve these issues. At the end of the day, it is all about convenience, better deals, and a positive experience. 

What happens to an Etsy abandoned cart coupon? 

When a potential customer abandons his cart for whatever reason, Etsy will send an abandoned cart email to that customer. The customer will receive an offer for a coupon for the item he has left out in the shopping cart. Sellers send out coupons to entice the customer to come back and complete the purchase. As soon as an abandoned cart coupon campaign is set up: 

  1. Etsy will send coupon emails once or twice a week.
  2. Offers are only for items added to carts or tagged as favorites after the campaign begins.
  3. Items should be at least 24 hours in the cart before it is eligible for a coupon.
  4. Emails are sent to buyers who opted to receive Etsy Promotional Emails only. 

How to send an abandoned cart coupon? 

Here are the steps on how to send abandoned cart coupons in Etsy: 

  1. On Etsy Shop Manager, go to the Marketing tab and choose Sales and coupons. 
  2. On the upper hand corner, click New special offer
  3. Select Set up an offer, to send coupons to interested shoppers only
  4. Choose the Abandoned basket shoppers radio button
  5. Select a discount type (e.g., percent off, fixed amount off, free standard delivery, or use an existing coupon) 
  6. Choose a coupon code that is easy, catchy, or fancy. 
  7. Click review and confirm. 

Sending abandoned coupons is entirely up to you. But it is advisable to offer a quite tempting deal to change the game. However, you must balance it with your profits. If it is something that will hurt your profit, then don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Always check if your pricing is working for you. 

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How do I use the abandoned cart coupon on Etsy?

Once an abandoned cart coupon is received, a customer can apply it to the next Etsy purchase. The customer can use the abandoned cart coupon depending on the indicated offer. A buyer can always add the promo code before checking out. The seller can select from the following offer for abandoned carts: 

  1. Percent-off- this is the most preferred deal. A seller may offer a 10%, 15% , or 20% discount. 
  2. Fixed amount off- you can set up a specific amount deducted to the cost of the item
  3. Free standard delivery
  4. Use an existing coupon

Remember that these coupons are shop specific. Therefore, a buyer can only use these from the shop offering that deal. Moreover, a coupon is applicable to the entire order, not per item. Also, the abandoned cart coupon has no expiration date. It will be active until the seller ends or cancels the campaign.

Check out section on Etsy with  309.80 total item cost. Apply shop coupon code link is emphasized with a yellow green boarder.