How to Use Klarna for Bath and Body Works

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Buying home fragrance and body care products is a must for many customers. Bath and Body Works are aware of this and made sure to accept many types of payment methods for purchase. 

Nowadays, some online Bath and Body Works buyers use Klarna as a payment method by creating a Klarna card. It is a card similar to credit cards that allow users to split their payments.

On the other hand, there’s an increased purchase of Bath and Body Works products, specifically hand sanitizers and soaps. The current situation has made people more concerned about cleanliness and sanitation. 

What’s good about Bath and Body Works is that not only does their product effectively clean, but also it leaves fragrant smells as well. They also offer specific fragrances for most of their products, making them versatile for most potential and long-time customers.

Their home fragrance products are also their top sellers, especially during holidays. The buyers seem never to get enough of the scented candles and sprays they use on their homes. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Does Bath and Body Works accept Klarna?

Bath and Body Works accept payment methods like Klarna as long as the purchase is approved. Klarna is a flexible payment method that you can purchase in most online stores. 

Not only that, Bath and Body Works accept other similar pay later apps. And their high-priced products are now more affordable because customers don’t have to pay the total price when purchasing them. 

The pay later feature of Klarna has also helped those who are on a tight budget. In some cases, some individuals who want to buy but are still waiting for payday are the ones who benefit from Klarna the most. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Using Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Klarna has opened a unique buy and sell opportunity for both Bath and Body Works and its buyers. Now, you can also buy an item from Bath and Body Works without draining your budget immediately. 

Follow these steps to start your Bath and Body Works purchase. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Step 1: Visit the Bath and Body Works Website

Customers can visit the Bath and Body Works website through their web browsers. Alternatively, they can use their mobile app through their Android phones or iPhones by downloading and installing it.

The Bath and Body Works interface has a simple design catered for most customers in different age groups. You can search for a specific product by typing in their search bar. 

There’s also an option to make an account if you plan to buy more of their products. Aside from that, there are also product categories on the same page to choose from.

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Step 2: Choose your Product Category

Bath and Body Works has product categories on its site. You can select from new & now, body care, hand soaps & sanitizers, home fragrance, and gifts.

After you click on one of them, you will also find more subcategories. Then, select your preferred subcategories and choose a specific product of your interest. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Step 3: Click and View product details.

On the following web page, there will be a lot of display products that you can choose from. An ‘add to bag’ button will also be available under each product.

You may also click on a product image to view its additional details. The site will show both product overview and fragrance information on the page.

Also, there’s an option you can choose from on how you will receive the product. You can choose to ship it or pick it up at stores.

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Step 4: Add to Bag and Checkout

Select a product quantity and add your product to the ‘bag’ when you are done. A confirmation prompt will appear, and click on the ‘view bag and checkout.’ 

If you are not a site member yet, you have to enter a shipping address first. Then the billing will be the next, and finally, the review and submission of your order.  

How do I select Klarna at Checkout?

To select Klarna at checkout, you must first have a Klarna browser extension. Also, you can install the Klarna app on your phone and buy products through it. 

Usually, with Klarna, you can see a ‘Pay with Klarna’ or ‘Pay with K’ button available on the checkout page. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

How Can I Pay with Klarna?

You can pay with Klarna by creating a Klarna card as a payment method. You may also link your card when you have already set up your Klarna account. 

After that, select your payment method through credit cards, and Klarna will be the one to pay for the total price. 

Does Klarna Automatically Take Payment?

You can schedule an automatic payment in Klarna in the settings. You have to be sure that you have enough payment if it is enabled. 

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Alternatives to Using Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Pay later apps like Klarna are helpful for a lot of its users. However, it’s not the only of its kind to exist on the internet. 

Here are some examples of the best alternatives to using Klarna for Bath and Body Works. 

A. Afterpay

Afterpay is the go-to buy now, pay later app for students. The reason is that the payment plans and interests provided by Afterpay are a lot manageable for most people.

B. Affirm

Affirm is the most flexible pay later platform available online. The platform has a lot of good reviews from their users too. 

C. PayPal Credit

PayPal credit is used by people with a limited budget and small purchases. It is not suitable for large purchases because the interest rate is higher than its competitors.