Adult entertainment is one of the most popular search engine terms. Statistics say, 40 million Americans regularly visit adult sites, and 35% of internet downloads are related to adult entertainment materials. With the number of adult sites emerging on the internet, it is hard to find quality materials. Moreover, most users feel it is unsafe searching these materials on the internet. To address privacy concerns, Boodigo was developed by an adult entertainment industry veteran, Colin Rowntree.

Boodigo is a search engine for adult entertainment materials while ensuring your privacy. Boodigo was launched on September 15, 2014 and has since sky-rocketed due to its privacy inclusion and ease of use when looking for adult entertainment material online.

What is Boodigo Search Engine?

Boodigo is a safe search engine for legitimate adult films

Boodigo is a search engine developed to help users find adult entertainment materials easier while ensuring their privacy and security.  This was founded by Colin Rowntree, a prestige director, founder, and CEO of With most of the search engine algorithms, he broke the cycle by launching Boodigo to address the privacy concerns of most users. Aside from this, it also allows users to cut the chase of quality and legitimate adult films made by consenting adults. Additionally, Boodigo has partnered with the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) to combat the exploitation of young people. Boodigo automatically blocks search results related to minors and only allows materials from consenting adults.

Is my information safe with Boodigo?

Boodigo doesn’t collect user’s information

One of the major concerns when doing internet research is the security of your information. There’s an enormous number of malwares that exist on the internet, such as malvertising attacks, phishing, ransomware that can jeopardize your security and expose you to illicit materials. You may be visible to search engine providers or may be vulnerable to data theft.

With Boodigo, your information is safe. You can search for adult entertainment films anonymously.  Boodigo has an encrypted beta search function that protects web users against spying. Boodigo has a specific policy not to collect information from users. Therefore, they have no information to share. However, if you are extremely cautious about your privacy, keep in mind that Boodigo still uses Google Analytics to track its stats.

Does Boodigo collect any information from users?

Boodigo has a policy of not collecting information from its users

No, Boodigo does not collect information from its users. That’s actually against their policy. Boodigo has a specific policy not to collect any information from its users. Therefore, there is no information to share from their end. In fact, it is why they have sky-rocketed because of the user information security features it offers.

Will Boodigo record my IP address?

Boodigo does not record your IP address

Generally, an IP address recognizes a device on the Internet, which can share sensitive information about the user, such as a specific location, which can be used to hack a device or steal the user’s information. You can be tracked as well by just browsing the internet. However, Boodigo is different because they make sure your browsing logs are untraceable. At no time will your IP address be recorded by Boodigo. They do not, record or log the relationship between the user’s IP address and search term or history. They do not have a search history. Therefore, your digital footprint is untraceable.

Is it safe to use Boodigo in public places?

Boodigo is safe to use in public spaces and will not log your search history  

The risk of browsing the internet is really high, especially in public spaces. But Boodigo ensures that your information is safe and secure and will not be traced by anyone, even the government. So, you don’t have to worry about searching adult entertainment material in public spaces because Boodigo makes sure not to log data and delete all your digital tracks. That means you are safe from many espionages and theft of your information

Sites like Boodigo

Let’s admit it, the risk of finding adult entertainment materials online is really high. If you notice, common sites have a lot of pop-ups that are very sensitive to touch and will reroute you automatically to another website. It also has viruses or malware that can damage your device or steal your information. If you are not careful, you can get harmed or involved in a crime by just browsing a website. Data breaches have already destroyed many lives and tanked businesses.  That is why it is very crucial to be a mindful and responsible web browser. The web has given us a lot of things, but it can also destroy us if we are not careful. There is a handful of safe browsing engine like Boodigo that values their user’s privacy, such as:

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Startpage
  3. SearX
  4. Swisscows
  5. Disconnect Search

Can you download Boodigo?

Yes, you can easily download Boodigo to your phone or Tablet PC using .apk file. It is hundred percent safe.