How to Use Klarna for Burberry

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Burberry is one of the most valuable luxury brands and has gained even more customers thanks to Klarna. Instead of paying for the total price of a Burberry item, they can now pay for it in portions. 

To use Klarna for Burberry, users will first have to be registered in Burberry. Then, they can use Klarna from a browser or through the app to create a card and pay. 

With the help of Klarna, buyers can now select from many luxury products like bags, outerwear, and even some of the pricey product variations. 

Can you use Klarna for Burberry?

Yes. You can use Klarna to pay for many Burberry products. 

However, it will never be possible to buy all Burberry products from Burberry with Klarna. Klarna implements limitations for payment.

Another thing to note is that there’s no way to know the limitations in payment by Klarna until you attempt a purchase. Then, Klarna will restrict or approve your purchase depending on your reputation.’

New Klarna users might experience more restrictions when paying for a Burberry product. As time passes, they will ease the restrictions, constantly paying on time and not in debt.

Long-time Klarna users will also enjoy more payment privileges. They will now be allowed to purchase even some high-priced Burberry items.

Complete Steps for Klarna Burberry Payment

Even if the Klarna payment method is simple, some users can be confused. Especially for the new users of Klarna and Burberry.

However, there are proper steps to take to ensure that you get your Burberry product and pay with Klarna at the same time. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Go to Burberry App or Website

You can download the Burberry app in the app store if you are an iPhone user or related to products. Also, you can go to the Burberry website through your web browser. 

After you arrive at the Burberry website, you will see a lot of product showcases for different types of people. There will also be a ‘trending gifts’ section on the same page where you can see what Burberry products are the most gifted during the holiday seasons. 

Another essential thing to do is create an account first or log in if you already have a Burberry account. On the upper right part of the page, you will see three icons.

Next to the magnifying glass, click on the ‘account’ button, and you can start creating an account on the next page. You can only use Klarna for payment by signing in to their website.

It is not like other buy and sell websites where you can continue as a guest and pay using Klarna. 

Step 2: Select a Product Category 

Seven categories are displayed in the upper portion of the web page. You can select new gifts for women, men, children, outerwear, and bags.

First is the ‘Gifts’ category with gift cards sub-categories and more. If you are looking for fashion products to give to someone, choose this category.

Then, the ‘New In’ category contains the latest Burberry products recently released. There are also sub-categories for the new in.

You may also select specific items for women, men, and children. The corresponding designs and item sizes will also be included for each category.

Also, there’s the ‘outerwear’ category and bags to choose from. Select your preferred category from the lists and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Customize your Product Search

After selecting a category and a product sub-category, the following product page will appear. A showcase of products will be available for you to choose from.

You can scroll down and click on the type of product that you want specifically. Then, you can customize it on the next page by selecting available variations like colors and sizes. 

To know more about the product specifications and characteristics, click on ‘Product details’ below the ‘book an appointment’ rectangular button.

Klarna for Bath and Body Works

Step 4: ‘Add’ your Order

When you customize your chosen item, click the ‘add’ button. The button will enable you to see your chosen product on the ‘bag.’

The bag is like a virtual shopping cart where your chosen product queue will be available and saved. A checkout popup will also appear for a short time if you want to proceed to checkout directly.

Step 5: Proceed to Checkout 

You can hover your mouse pointer at the bag button in the upper right part of the website. You can see all the items you saved on the bag there and the checkout button.

Then, you can review all your products and view the total price. 

How Do I Checkout with Klarna?

You can checkout with Klarna by selecting the ‘pay with K’ option by installing a Klarna web browser extension. You may also use the Klarna app upon checkout using your compatible mobile phone. 

Wait for Klarna’s purchase approval, and then you’re done.

Klarna Burberry

Alternatives to Using Klarna for Burberry

Klarna is a helpful payment method for those who can’t afford to pay for the total price of a Burberry item. However, similar financing services can provide a great buying experience as well. 


Afterpay is the most friendly financing service for students. They have a lot of users that are students too. 

Still, it is available for everyone and can be used not only by students but also by those who need it. 


Many user reviews say that Affirm is the most versatile and flexible financing, pay later platform that they used. Whether this is true is for users like you to find out.

PayPal Credit

It is specifically catered for PayPal users because they are the ones who benefit from it the most. But, it is also available and can be used by interested individuals.