Can You Do Pre Orders on Etsy

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 3, 2022

Buyers often pre-order an item online to make sure they secure it. They are also aware that it may take longer to wait for their orders to ship out.

And yes, buyers can pre-order items on Etsy. Pre-ordering can be available for many items across the Etsy platform.

Online selling platforms have included the pre-order option for a time now. It has benefitted not only buyers but also sellers.

With the pre-order option, sellers don’t need to rush when re-acquiring or re-filling the products available. And since sellers don’t need to rush, the state of the package is likely more secure.

Etsy also has a pre-order function available for sellers and buyers. Like other online selling and buying platforms, Etsy has served a lot of its users with it.

Even though pre-ordering has proven to give Etsy buyers and sellers convenience, there are things that they have to know first. It is not a perfect function that always goes smoothly. 

The good thing is the reports of failing pre-orders are low. It has only made more buyers enticed to pre-order and sellers to offer pre-ordering services.

Guide to Etsy Pre order

Can you do Pre-orders on Etsy?

Pre-ordering items on Etsy is a breeze. Any buyers who want to pre-order are always welcome on the Etsy platform.

Still, don’t make a mistake about pre-ordering on Etsy. For sellers, make sure to include the word ‘pre-order’ in most of the product descriptions.

Most of the time, buyers don’t read much and might be expecting their ordered item to arrive sooner than they think. In reality, they are not aware that the item they have ordered is a pre-order.

Including a pre-order label in the item name and description is a must for sellers. It will prevent confusion and misunderstanding between buyers and sellers.

Guide to Etsy Pre order

What to Expect when Pre-ordering on Etsy

There are things a buyer must consider first when ordering a pre-order item on Etsy. The first thing is the time of ship out.

Pre-ordered items on Etsy have a description from the seller. They include the time it will take for them to ship out the item.

It is also a good thing to consider that the time for the shipment is a rough estimate and will not be a hundred percent accurate. Buyers must be aware that sometimes, it will take for their product to arrive than expected.

There are also reasonable expectations for the price of a pre-ordered item, even on Etsy. Compared to a newly released product, pre-ordered items almost always have a lesser price.

Buyers benefit from pre-ordering. Not only are they guaranteed the availability of a specific product, but they also save money in the process.

Guide to Etsy Pre order

How to do Pre orders on Etsy

Pre-ordering an item on Etsy is a simple task. Firstly, you have to find and select your desired item to buy on Etsy.

After you select your product, please find information about whether it is a pre-order item or not. To ensure the product is a pre-order item, you can message the seller directly for more information.

You may click the ‘add to cart button to put your item in the Etsy shopping cart. Etsy includes optional steps that buyers can also do.

Buyers can select an option if the pre-order item is a gift and also choose and apply coupons for item discounts. Choose a method of payment after.

Once you have selected your most convenient method of payment, you have to proceed to checkout next. There are two methods for checking out.

Etsy buyers can checkout as a guest or as Etsy members. Etsy members have more access to its features and promos, so it is highly recommended to be one.

Be sure to check and review all the item information before clicking ‘place your order.’ It will be impossible to reverse your decisions once you click your order button, so be careful.

Do Pre-orders Count as Sales?

Pre-orders count as sales in a way. Although it is not a direct count as sales, it is a guaranteed sale once the order has been fulfilled.

It guarantees sales, but it doesn’t truly count as sales. Still, it is a good practice for business owners.

Can you Schedule Items on Etsy?

No, item scheduling on Etsy is not available as of now. You may save the items in a list and draft it instead.

Then, you can make them available manually when you are ready. There’s no automated system yet for scheduling items on Etsy.

Guide to Etsy Pre order

Pros and Cons of Pre-ordering on Etsy

Pre-ordering on Etsy has its advantages and disadvantages. Still, it doesn’t stop buyers from pre-ordering items using the platform.

A good advantage of pre-ordering is that sometimes, it is cheaper than when the product is released. Pre-orders will also let you guarantee an item as a buyer before they even sell out.

It can also be advantageous for sellers and can increase sales. It also removes the pressure for some manufacturers and increases the quality of the product.

However, for the buyer’s part, pre-ordering can sometimes be disadvantageous. Paying for an item even without reviews yet is not the best idea.

Still, the pros of pre-ordering outweigh the cons. Buyers and sellers do benefit from it, and it is a recommended action to take whenever.