Can You Track a Visa Gift Card?

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on August 13, 2023

Nowadays, people tend to give Visa gift cards as presents since it allows the receiver of the gift to design what they want to purchase the card with. After sending one, some still ask, “Can you track a Visa gift card?”

Yes, you can track a Visa gift card. Before anyone can use prepaid gift cards, it will first ask the user to register her personal information, like name, complete address, and phone number, to activate the card. You can use the said information if you need to trace a card.

It makes both the giver and the receiver happy since the giver of the Visa gift card no longer has to worry about what gifts to give to the recipient, and the person who receives the card can buy whatever they want with the gift card they have received.

You might have already received a visa card or given it to someone as a present. You might have wondered if you can track your Visa gift card and other questions that come with purchasing one.

This article aims to answer your inquiries about your Visa gift card’s traceability, so read until the end.

You can track a Visa gift card using the information used to register the card.

Can prepaid Visa cards be traced?

Yes, prepaid Visa cards are traceable online.

Visa refers to a type of payment card used to make purchases at Visa merchants or businesses that accept Visa.

They offer debit and credit cards, but they have also launched gift cards with prepaid money, which users can consume.

Now Visa is one of the most trusted names in the finance industry, and they ensure that all transactions made through them are transparent and traceable to their rightful owner.

How to track a Visa gift card

The best way to track a Visa gift card is to contact the toll-free number stated on the Visa merchant’s website or in the activation email the user receives.

Their customer representatives can easily trace a registered Visa card and will let you know the most recent activities and transactions made through the card.

What happens if a Visa gift card is stolen?

According to Visa’s official website, if a Visa gift card gets lost or stolen, you should report the incident to the toll-free number on the confirmation email sent to the card buyer or the issuer’s website.

They will then ask you to provide the card number, and once it’s verified, they will mark the card as lost or stolen.

Once marked stolen or lost, they will check the most recent transactions of your card.

Based on the remaining balance on your card, they will cancel the card and give you a refund or a replacement for the card.

Can you find out who used your gift card?

For registered cards, customer service can tell you who used your gift card and when.

If the card is unregistered, it might be more challenging to find out who used it since there is no way to track the card’s transactions.

However, there are some instances where gift cards are also given to others by the same person who received them; if this happens, it might be even more challenging to track who used them.

Can you track the location of a gift card?

Yes, you can track the location of a gift card if it is registered. You can even use mobile apps and websites like GiftUp that enable you to create location sites and link them to the card user.

Once the gift card gets redeemed, the staff would take note of which location or store it was used, with the name of the person who used it.

Can you go to jail for using a stolen gift card?

Yes, you can go to jail for up to 10 years or be penalized for up to $250,000 if you possess or use a stolen gift card. Stealing and using a stolen gift card is considered gift card fraud. Whoever commits such a crime can be prosecuted under Federal Law 18 U.S.C. Section 1029.

Federal laws consider a Visa gift card, or any gift card in general, an access device. An access device is defined as any card, plate, code, account number, or other means of account access that can be used to obtain money, goods, services, or anything else of value.

So, in case you find a gift card that doesn’t belong to you, or if you stole one, it is better to return it to its owner to avoid paying a much larger sum than what you will get from the card.

In Conclusion

You should not worry if your Visa gift card was stolen or it didn’t go to the person you want to give it to. You can easily track a registered Visa gift card. Try contacting customer support and asking them to help you with your problem.

Once it is proven that your Visa gift card is stolen, whoever took it will surely be penalized. There will be a high chance that you will get your money back.