Channel verification level too high

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 14, 2022

Discord uses 5 levels of verification from none to highest. This ensures the security of the server so that both the server and the accounts are secured from harmful activities. 

Channel verification level too high is a bug that was resolved in the future update. When a user tries to access any server voice channel or text channel, this bug denies their access. Discord developer has fixed this issue in the newer version of the Discord patch. 

What does channel verification level too high mean?

Like Facebook pages, discord has discord servers. An owner has maximum freedom on how he wants to make, edit or maintain his server. Sometimes owner adds medium, high, or highest verification levels on the server. 

The highest verification level requires the discord account to have two-factor authentication which means the user has to link his mobile account to the discord account. This is done to maintain security and for making sure the discord user doesn’t do anything shady on that server. 

But the channel verification level too high is a discord bug/error where discord showed the user that “channel verification level is too high” even after the user has two-factor authentication which is the highest verification requirement by discord and this bug/error restricts the users from entering a voice channel or chat conversations in text channels.

How to fix Discord channel verification level too high?

“Discord channel verification level too high” is a discord bug message which was shown in a previous version of Discord. This restricted the user from using the voice channels or text channels.

But this bug or error message has been fixed in the newer discord versions. So, updating the discord app should fix the issue. Many of the users have shown their concern regarding the issue which has caught the attention of the creators of Discord. 

So, they fixed it through a new patch of discord. But the users must still meet the required amount of verification set by the server owner. If the server owner set the verification level to low then the user doesn’t need any two-factor authentication. 

If the owner of the server set the verification level to medium then the members of the server must have a discord account with a server time of 5 minutes which means the account has joined the server and stayed in the server for more than 5 minutes, then that account user can chat or use voice channel in that server. 

If the verification level is set too high then the account needs to stay in the server for more than 10 minutes to chat or access voice channels in the server. 

If the verification level is set to the highest then the members of the server need an account that has a verified mobile account linked to it for them to chat in the chatbox or use a voice channel to have voice conversations. If they follow the above criteria then there should be no issues with the verification problem. 

How do you get a Discord server verified?

Usually, other sites allow anyone with a large fan following to have a verified server or verified accounts but in discord, it is slightly different. Currently, discord gives certain requirements to become a verified server. 

As discord is a gaming and creative community-based social media platform, Discord only allows game developers, publishers, professional esports teams, music artists, and also content creators from Twitch, Youtube, and Reddit with healthy amounts of followers/subscribers to request a verified discord server. 

To get a verified server they need to have any of the requirements mentioned above and then they have to apply here – with the correct information to prove that he is a legit content creator, esports team, artist, or game developer. 

Discord will ask the user about his company, team, or profile link to get an idea of his fan following and what kind of creative artist he is. If the person fulfills the criteria he will get a verification mark on his discord server

How to get rid of verification in your server?

There is no specific way to get rid of server verification status manually but the server owner can ask Discord support to remove the verification mark by proving that he is the owner of that server and he wants to remove the verification mark. 

The verification mark can also be taken away if the server meets any of the following criteria –

1. The server is inactive or no longer supported.

2. If the server ownership is transferred to a user who is not officially affiliated with the brand, business, or the public interest figure.

3. Promoting hate or violence or anything that breaks discord rules by directly attacking someone or threatening someone based on ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, age, disability, gender, etc.

4. Engaging in harassment of others.

5. Selling or attempting to sell a verified discord server.

These are one of the major reasons for someone to lose their verification status of a server.