Comcast Business Static IP

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Updated on August 6, 2023

Simple browsing such as browsing the internet, using your phone, streaming movies on your TV, and many others, only requires normal speed. Therefore, you’ll likely need a dynamic IP for your residential accounts in Comcast. But what if you need more stability, more secure access to your work files, or more bandwidth for business meetings, etc? You’ll probably need more than just a dynamic IP can offer. A Comcast Business static IP will be the best choice.

In this day and age, almost everyone works from home. The internet needs to be more stable to ensure that you are enabled even if you are working remotely. The safety and security of your files are also crucial, so it is common to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or other remote access programs.

You may also often use a teleconferencing system for your virtual meetings and many others. Uninterrupted internet is the key to pulling off work at home. Comcast is here to help meet these needs. They provide Static IPs for business accounts.

Does Comcast give you a static IP?

Comcast offers static IP addresses.

They offer it for business accounts and dedicated internet customers. But unlike residential accounts, it comes at a higher price.

  1. Business Internet – You can have one up to 3 static IP addresses for $24.95 per month or you can add up to 13 permanent IP addresses for an additional charge.
  2. Ethernet Dedicated Internet – You can choose 1 Mbps up to 10 Gigs according to the speed that works for your business. It comes with two permanent IP addresses for running multiple servers or applications. Any additional IP address will incur an additional charge.

How do I get a static IP address from Comcast?

To avail of a static IP go to the Comcast website.

For a more secure and stable internet connection for your business, it provides separate WiFi networks for guests and businesses. If you want to avail of Comcast static IP, you can contact Comcast and ask for a free quotation. It will be sent to your email.

You can also go to their website to ask for a quotation or you can also press the “Help me decide” bar on their website and take a quiz to find out what is the appropriate plan for your business. Just provide your full business address to know if their services are available in your location.

If you have already decided, you can click on Order Now on your chosen plan to continue with the application process.

Am I qualified to have Static IP from Comcast?

Take a quiz to find out whether you’re qualified.

To find out if you are qualified to have a static IP address, make sure you have a business, and the internet will not be used for residential purposes. Comcast services must be available at your business location. To find out if you are qualified and what fits your business, you can take a quiz on Comcast’s website, and they will match the internet plan that is right for your business.

How much is a Comcast static IP?

The Comcast business static IP cost IP depends on the plan you get. Here are some deals from the Comcast website:

1. Business Internet Essential

Avail for $49.99/mo. with up to 50 Mbps with Comcast Business SecurityEdge option and no annual contract required.

2. Business Internet Performance

Cost $99.99/mo with up to 250 Mbps, one phone line, Comcast Business SecurityEdge, and access to Connection Pro. You can also add a Comcast business phone and save $20/mo on your internet bill. 

3. Business Internet Premium

Have it for only $249.99/mo. with up to 750 Mbps. It comes with Comcast Business SecurityEdge, access to Connection Pro, and includes a $750 Visa® Prepaid Card.

Can you get a Comcast static IP for free?

Comcast static IP address is not for free.

Definitely not. Comcast’s static IP addresses are not for free. In fact, they charge way more than just regular plans, like Xfinity Connect, Xfinity Internet Essentials, Xfinity Instant TV, and Choice TV Select Double Play. Static IPs are recommended for heavy internet users mostly for businesses that require more stable and secure connections. Hence, it comes with a higher price.

You can avail of a business plan at a cost of $49.99/mo. at a speed of up to 50 Mbps and it now includes Comcast Business Securityedge to ensure a safer and more protected connection against online threats.

How do I assign a static IP address to Comcast?

The assigned static IP address is provided by Comcast to Comcast Business Gateway clients, which comes with a gateway address and a netmask. You may go to their website to learn how to configure static IP on Comcast Business.

How do I manually set a static IP address?

For Comcast Business Gateway clients, Comcast provides Static IPs that must be manually configured on the device. See how to set up static IP on Comcast Business Gateway below:

1. Add static IP address provided by Comcast in the Comcast Business Gateway Admin Tool

2. Go to Connect Devices

3. Click Add Device with Reserved IP button and hit Save.

Just follow the Comcast Business static IP setup steps above and you’ll be ready to go in no time!