Comcast Business vs Residential Internet

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Updated on February 12, 2023

Nowadays, the internet is a crucial part of our everyday life. Whether in communication, in our house, in learning, at work, or even in our socializing, the internet is there to support our daily activities. Especially nowadays, most people are working at home, therefore, the speed and reliability of the internet are critical factors in its success.

Indeed, Comcast continues to meet the demand for super-fast internet speeds across America. They offer home and business Internet services. You can settle for a residential plan if you are not a heavy consumer. But work is a different story. It may require a more reliable, more secure, and more stable connection. With so much need for these things, you might wonder which one to choose between residential and business plans. The good news is Comcast will help you decide whether residential is okay or you should upgrade to the business plan..

What is the difference between Comcast’s business and residential internet?

Residential uses a dynamic IP address while business plans use a static IP address

It is common to have an internet connection in a house. Currently, almost everything is powered by the internet, from your mobile phone, your home theatre, your kitchen, or even your bedroom. But these things do not necessarily require super-fast internet. So, it is okay to have a Residential plan. But it’s a different story when you have a business or work. Well, cut the chase. Someone working from home needs at least 10 Mbps with a VPN that doesn’t lag, especially for applications that are sensitive to internet speed. This calls for an upgrade to a business account. But what exactly is the difference between residential and business internet?

The major difference between residential vs. business is their IP address. Residential uses a dynamic IP address that is not permanent and can be changed. Because of this, it is less stable and more likely to disconnect whenever there’s interference on your internet. Meanwhile, the business plans have a static IP address. It is assigned and dedicated to you only. It cannot be changed, thus ensuring enterprise-level security and bandwidth usage. Additionally,  business plans have no data caps, unlike residential plans.

Is Comcast Business more expensive than residential?

Comcast’s Business plan is more expensive than Residential plans.

Since the operation of residential internet connections is simple, it is definitely cheaper than business plans. Comcast’s Business Internet Standard at a speed of 100 Mbps costs $109.99 to $124.99 per month. And it cost higher as you opted for faster speeds. Meanwhile, in the residential plan, you can get decent speed and 75 Mbps in their internet-only plans for $24.99 per month.

Can I get a Static IP with Comcast Residential internet?

Comcast doesn’t offer static IP addresses to residential plans.

No, you cannot get a static IP address for a residential account. But it is not impossible for you not to have one at home. You can always upgrade to a business account and have a static IP address assigned to you as long as you qualify to have one.

How do I qualify for Comcast business internet?

All you need is a business. 

As long as you will use it for business purposes, regardless if it is big or small, then you can avail of business plans. Comcast will help you find the right plan for your business. You can request a quote right from their website, or you can take a little quiz to determine what business plan might work for you. You can get in touch with a Comcast Business representative through the customer service hotline at (800) 391-3000, chat with them, or ask questions from their community forums.

Is Comcast Business Internet Faster than Residential? 

Comcast business plan is more reliable than residential plan

The speed doesn’t have much of a difference between residential and business. In fact, they are almost the same. They differ mostly in reliability and stability. Because the business has a permanent static IP, it is more secure and usually comes with a backup. Speed also depends on your usage. For example, if you just browse on your phone, residential is definitely fast. But if you use VOIP or web-based work applications, it may lag. So, if we talk about speed, sure, residential serves its purpose as an internet provider for residential use but not for your work.

Can you get a Comcast Residential plan for your business?

You can get residential plan for your business at home.

Sure! You may be able to run your business using residential internet, but it is only when your business operates at home. Also, if your business doesn’t really require connectivity, less use of teleconferences, and no use of online applications, then yes you can opt to have a residential plan. The need for a business plan depends solely on your need. You won’t get a business plan when you don’t run your operations using computers. But, just in case you need more, Comcast Business Internet has additional features that may provide more benefits for your business, such as VoIP phone services, guest and employee WiFi, cloud apps, TV in your lounge area, and many more.