Cooper vs Hankook Tires

Tires are very important components of a car. Without tires, cars cannot run smoothly on either asphalt roads or offroad. That said, not all tires are made equal, so some tires can last for an exceptionally long time, while others might not offer many benefits, so your vehicle will not be able to gain much from these tires. 

Cooper and Hankook tires are two popular brands of tires that have seen a lot of discussions around them lately. Cooper is an all-American brand, while Hankook is a South Korean company with a great reputation. The Cooper vs Hankook tires debate is certainly not going to be easy to settle, so it is important to go through all the available factors for a fair comparison. 

Cooper vs Hankook Tires: Durability

Durability is naturally the first factor to take into consideration when buying tires. No one likes buying tires that constantly get flat. ( Durable tires are much less likely to encounter issues on the road, preventing accidents from happening.

Both Cooper and Hankook tires seem to be made from high-quality materials with solid construction. Cooper tires seem to receive a better reception from users, as many note that these tires last a bit longer than Hankook tires, and they are more resistant to wear and tear from environmental damage. Hankook tires need to be rotated on a more regular basis, it seems. 

Cooper vs Hankook Tires: Pricing 

The pricing policy is also an important part of the equation. Both Hankook and Cooper are popular brands with reasonable price points, and Cooper tires can be found at Walmart, which deals with cheap-yet-quality products. Hankook tires are considerably cheaper than Cooper tires, as indicated by many customers. Some found very cheap Hankook tires at discounters, so it is likely that you will find very good deals for Hankook tires on the market.

Cooper tires are not entirely too expensive. They come with bigger warranties and more benefits, so you might find their more expensive price points justified. 

Cooper vs Hankook Tires: Variety 

Hankook takes the cake when it comes to tire varieties. The brand offers a huge selection of different tires for different vehicles. There are tires for heavy-duty trucks as well as electric vehicles as well. If you are looking to conserve your fuel, Hankook does come with its own dedicated line of fuel-efficient tires as well. 

Cooper seems to be more dedicated to their line of truck tires. They offer a wide variety of tires, however, including summer tires, winter tires, performance tires, and all-season tires. Though Cooper lacks the variety offered by Hankook, their tires can still provide the variety you generally need with your vehicles. 

Cooper vs Hankook Tires: Performance

You should also take into consideration the performance of the tires. When it comes to performance, Cooper tires do seem to get more love from users and customers than Hankook tires due to the fact that it includes specialized tire families that allow high-performance manoeuvres. For this reason, Cooper tires are the go-to choice for motorsports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Hankook tires are more popular with track racers or street racers. 

Cooper vs Hankook Tires: Customer experience

Cooper and Hankook both pride themselves on their superb customer service and customer experience, but Cooper gets better reviews in this regard, as their warranty policies attract the customers much more. Many customers have also enjoyed how these tires hold up over time as well as how they weathered against potholes. For these reasons, the customer experience with Cooper tires is generally quite good.

Hankook tires do not get such praises. In fact, online reviews have indicated that tires from this brand might get into problems easily, even though they are brand new tires. However, Hankook is a relatively newer brand with not many customers and users yet, so it is possible that there might be more positive reviews in the future. 

Are Hankook tires worth the investment?

Hankook tires are reasonably priced without compromising on quality, so they are certainly great choices if you wish to save your money. Their tires are made from high-quality materials that offer great durability and amazing performance, especially if you use your vehicles on race tracks or asphalt tracks. The amazing variety of tires offered by Hankook means that there is always the perfect tire for everyone, whether you are seeking to save fuel or to drive electric vehicles. 

Hankook might get some bad reviews, but they can be attributed to the fact that the brand is relatively new to the market. Given time, there will certainly be more positive reviews.

At the end of the Cooper vs Hankook tires debate, there does not seem to be a clear winner. Cooper might be the more reliable brand with better performance, but Hankook tires are quite cheap, and their value for money is unbeatable. At the end of the day, it will have to depend on what you want your tires to accomplish and what factors you deem the most important.