Costco oil filter

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on May 19, 2023

Costco is a popular tire seller and is also greatly involved with automotive repair and maintenance. That’s why searching if Costco offers oil filter service is definitely a reasonable question. After all, oil change and oil filter are among the most common services that usually go along with automotive repair and maintenance.

Even though Costco has a popular automotive repair and maintenance center, the services are limited to only a few. In short, Costco has no oil change or even oil filter service. ( Primarily, the center focuses on services like tire change, battery change, and windshield wiper installation.

Costco oil filter

This blog aims to provide more informative details about the Costco oil filter. If that interests you, keep reading to learn more relevant details about it. 

What is Costco’s oil filter service?

The Costco oil filter service is typically done at the same time as the oil change since it is part of the maintenance. Without a doubt, it is a routine task to change the engine oil and filter in a car. Generally, the services are commonly best to have a maintenance job every 7,500 miles or 6 months, regardless of which one does come first. 

To be precise, Costco offered those automotive and maintenance services back then, but they discontinued them even if they were well aware of their importance in terms of car care and maintenance. Currently, Costco has limited its services to tires and batteries. 

Why is there no oil filter service at Costco anymore?

Frankly, there’s no absolute reason why there is no oil filter service at Costco anymore. Every reason is from a speculative point of view of Costco’s business model. A quite reasonable reason is that Costco is more favored in providing bulky goods for automotive repair and maintenance. 

In addition, Costco doesn’t seem to think that oil change, oil filter, and other personalized automotive services are not their strength. It has already been years since Costco discontinued some of its services; the company is aware that they don’t specialize in some maintenance services. Thus, the decision has been made. 

To be particular, the decision received mixed opinions from people. Nonetheless, Costco has made the changes. So, the wise thing to do is to look for some alternatives. 

When did Costco discontinue offering oil filter service?

Once again, it has already been since Costo discontinued offering oil change and oil filter services. There is no exact date on when Costco terminated the services since the date varies depending on the location. Each local Costco has a different date of discontinuing from the other. 

Costco oil filter

Based on research, Costco discontinued some of its personalized automotive-related services sometime around 2016 or 2017. Currently, oil filters, not the service, are the only ones that Costco can offer. Oil filters at Costco are cheaper if you are a member. 

Is there an exception local Costco that offers oil filter service?

Considering that the reasons why Costco discontinued its oil change and oil filter services are still speculative, it is hard to say if the entire local Costco stores followed. That’s why checking with your local Costco automotive and maintenance center might be worth the shot. Yet, you need to bear in mind that the chance might be low.

With that in mind, it might be best to just go for the alternative local center to save your time and energy. After all, there are equally popular companies available that might be more competent than Costco. 

What made Costco oil filter good before it was discontinued?

Costco’s oil filter service is considered good since the company is very well-acquainted with automotive repair and maintenance. That’s why Costo’s repair and maintenance center is among the top options for car owners who want trustworthy car care. 

Yet, since some of the personalized services for automotive repair and maintenance are already discontinued, it is safe to say that Costo might really like their performance on those services. After all, it is a company that knows its strengths and weaknesses well. That leads to an unfortunate stop of the oil change, oil filter, and other services. 

Is there a chance that Costco will bring back the oil filter?

As mentioned, Costco is a smart company that knows its strengths and weaknesses well. That’s why the only chance that Costco will bring back its oil filter service is because it figured out that it can compete better against competitors and can service car owners to their utmost satisfaction. 

Additionally, Costco might bring back the oil filter service if the company makes it to the personalized services on automotive repair and maintenance it wants to offer car owners. If Costco does not want to provide it, the oil filter service will probably remain discontinued. 

Costco oil filter

What are alternative places to Costco?

Rather than waiting for the Costco oil filter service to go back, the wise thing for car owners is to go to the alternative centers that offer the service. The popular Costco alternatives include Walmart, Valvoline, Midas, Jiffy Lube, and Carmax.