DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on August 10, 2022

There is always fear when accessing online, wherein the primary worry is that strangers can get through one’s private information. If that’s also your concern, it is no doubt that you need to use a privacy protection service. Whether you have business data to keep private or want to control all the information that people can know about you, knowing at least one will surely be beneficial. 

Luckily, you can learn about more than one privacy protection service today. In fact, we will try to discuss DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck — three of the available privacy protection services you can use. Obviously, an in-depth comparison is needed since each option has its own strong points. 

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

You can appreciate using a privacy protection service when you utilize it where it is best to use. It is a primary rule you must bear in mind since there is no perfectly created privacy protection service. Therefore, let’s not waste time and get into the analysis of comparing DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck below.

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck — which is the best privacy protection service?

It takes different criteria to know which is the winner between DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck regarding the best service. The easier way is to compare them according to their price and protected coverage sites. 

While DeleteMe has over 30 websites covered, PrivacyDuck has over 92 people-search sites for its most basic plan. That said, OneRep is the sure winner since it guarantees over 105 people-search sites. 

If you like visiting different sites and don’t want to leave traces at the same time, OneRep is the best option. Since the ease of worry about your data protection is what you need for a privacy protection service, you can also never go wrong thinking that OneRep is the best because of its wide coverage. 

With the help of OneRep, you will feel less limited in accessing online. 

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck: which is the cheapest?

You can only make value for your money if you know how much you’ll be paying for using a privacy protection service. The wonderful news is that you will no longer need to change your decision about OneRep for the sake of your budget. It is the cheapest among the others.

In particular, OneRep only charges a yearly fee of $99.95 to remove your personal information on its covered sites. Also, it allows a monthly subscription option of $14.95. The cost is cheaper than DeleteMe, which costs an annual fee of $129, and PrivacyDuck, which costs $499-$999 annually. 

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck: which is most popular, has the most users?

Recently, it made headlines that DeleteMe has reached a great milestone of completing over 10,000,000 consumer opt-outs. Meanwhile, OneRep has over 450,000+ users that trust its service. The information is even displayed on its website. 

While DeleteMe and OneRep enjoy great popularity, PrivacyDuck experiences the opposite. As a matter of fact, it disappeared since its founder passed away due to COVID-19 and other complications. Thus, PrivacyDuck can no longer keep up with the popularity battle. 

With recent information proving the popularity of privacy protection services, DeleteMe is a winner. Surely, it is quite interesting since it is not the cheapest service available. Nonetheless, its progress is highly commendable considering the competition. 

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck: which has the best reviews?

As for the review competition, only DeleteMe and OneRep have impressive scores. PrivacyDuck has completely become part of privacy protection service history since mid-2021. 

To be specific, DeleteMe has accumulated an overall rating of 4.71 stars from 775 reviews from its users. By just looking at the number, it is easy to say that DeleteMe has a positive satisfaction rate and can surely satisfy its users. 

On the other hand, OneRep stated that over 70% of its users had become long-time clients, usually staying for over a year. That also translates to great reviews. Thus, it is safe to state that OneRep has the best reviews. 

What is the difference between DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck?

Besides the cost, DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck have other differences. However, it is better to focus on their services that connect with their efficiency to satisfy and protect sensitive information.

Since DeleteMe has fewer sites covered, it focuses primarily on the most known people-search sites. In short, it can only remove information on major data brokers. 

Meanwhile, OneRep can also remove your information from less-known sites on top of protecting you from the popular people-search sites at the same time. Your information is less exposed with OneRep. 

On the other hand, PrivacyDuck concentrates more on complete personal information and record removal from its sites covered. What makes it inferior to others is that it prides itself on manually removing information. However, it seems time-consuming and less efficient. 

DeleteMe vs OneRep vs PrivacyDuck

If you want automatic removal of your personal information from data brokers, is OneRep the best option?

OneRep provides automatic removal of your personal information from the major and minor people-search sites. With its wide coverage and focus on democratizing privacy, you can never go wrong trying it out. It is just a bonus that it is much cheaper than other privacy protection services. 

Are DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck the top options for privacy protection services?

DeleteMe, OneRep, and PrivacyDuck were the top options for privacy protection services back then. However, things change as users’ demands go on to another level. PrivacyDuck — focused on manually removing personal information — was left behind the competition. 

Once again, the death of its founder also pushed PrivacyDuck to its grave. With that being said, DeleteMe and OneRep are left on the market. However, other services are now earning popularity, including ReputationDefender and BrandYourself. They are popular for providing users protection and a chance to improve their reputation online.