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Updated on October 7, 2022

Let’s be real, we’ve all been guilty of creating too many online accounts. And before we know it, our internet presence has spiraled out of control, leaving us with profiles and logins that we don’t even remember creating. But thanks to, the solution is here! This convenient app makes it easy to regain control and clean up your digital footprint. 

Currently, has 10+ alternatives with active functions to help users delete accounts. However, not all of these alternatives have unique features available to users. allows users create a list of website and provides insights to erase your online profiles with ease. However, some sites might be difficult to delete without contact with its administrator.

But even if isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options out there – so take the time to declutter your online life and opt out of those pesky marketing tactics. Trust me, your inbox will thank you.

That’s why this article lists some of the top alternatives to erase your personal information online. Some of these alternatives offer unique features and others can provide functions unavailable through

Here are some of the top alternatives:

No matter which route you take, taking control of your online presence is always a smart move. Happy surfing!

Users can rely on to erase their online profiles without hassle. works with a Web-based extension and color-coding system to help users delete their accounts across multiple sites. 

The Web-based extension allows users sweep the entire internet for profiles and data on many websites. Color-coding (green=easy, yellow=medium, red=hard, black=almost impossible) shows users how difficult deleting an account is. allows users delete profiles on social media and other databases. Customer reviews say offers some of the easiest methods to erase your profiles from most websites.

Delete Me

With Delete Me, you get access to delete your profiles from social media, ecommerce platforms, and other sites. The Delete Me interface relies on color indicators to show how difficult deletion of an account might be. 

It relies on a green to black color-coding system similar to and allows quick deletion of most accounts. 


The Removaly software helps users remove personal information from many sites. Locations prone to data breaches are accessible and users can prevent information theft from potential hacks. 

Removaly relies on automation and searches out users’ private info across multiple sites and databases at once. Users can select the site they want to erase their information from and follow the necessary steps. 

Many users of Removaly identify its extensive sweep of data prone to hacks or breaches across multiple databases. Others highlight its ability to complete repeat scans on several locations to ensure no accounts of users are out of sight. 


The DeHashed app offers online sorting of private user details across databases. It allows a user search for their emails, profile information, passwords, and much more with simple clicks. 

Scanning features from DeHashed allow users get their details from multiple sites and detailed information on any potential breach. Even if DeHashed doesn’t boast a profile deletion template like, it offers advanced database searching. 

If you’re on a quest to find that needle in a haystack, let DeHashed be your trusty metal detector. Their deep search feature sifts through billions of accounts, finding even ones that other programs miss.

Delete Your Account on Social Media (DYASM)

With DYASM, you can erase all your social media accounts after taking simple steps. The app has active delete functions for popular social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. 

Apart from offering extensive delete functions, DYASM offers direct links to erase social media accounts with a simple click. However, the direct delete link isn’t available for all websites. 

Many users of this app say it doesn’t steal personal information or other sensitive data. Others say the app’s focus on privacy makes it an excellent choice to erase your social media presence without hassles.


The AccountKiller software is Web-based and allows users remove personal data from many popular sites. Users of this software can erase data by searching through an alphanumeric menu. 

Millions of websites are scanned within moments and AccountKiller reveals all profiles along with color-coded deletion difficulty. 

Some accounts removed by AccountKiller might be erased partially or permanently. However, not all accounts are easy to remove through AccountKiller. 

Delete My Account

Users of Delete My Account can erase their social media accounts with simple clicks. The website allows users select the platform they want to wipe their data from permanently.

After identifying the platform you want to delete your data from, Delete My Account provides the right links to remove such content. Some Delete My Account links are direct while others might take multiple clicks to erase a profile permanently.