How to Use Klarna to Buy a Dior B22

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Updated on August 13, 2023

Sneakers are one of the most in-demand footwear in the market. Aside from the comfort it provides, it is also sleek, trendy, and wearable on casual days. Dior created a futuristic footwear style called, Dior Homme B22. Read on to learn how to use Klarna to buy a Dior 22.

Because of its high-quality craftsmanship and sleek design, B22 became a favorite among fashionistas, sneakerheads, and A-list celebrities, like Big Sean, Bella Hadid, Future, and A$AP Rocky. However, the superior quality of B22 comes with a price. Thus, not everybody can afford to buy a pair of B22 upfront. Klarna’s partnership with Dior B22 created an opportunity for consumers to own a pair of the high-end sneakers kicks without hurting their budget.

To use Klarna to pay for your B22, tap Klarna in the checkout. Your payment will be staggered into four smaller amounts starting on the day you receive your kicks at your front door.  The remaining payments will be collected from your card after 14, 28, and 42 days.

Steps on how to buy Dior B22 using Klarna pay in 4.

Can you use Klarna to buy a Dior B22? 

Yes, you can use Klarna to buy a Dior B22. You can choose from the following options on how you can avail your new kicks using Klarna payment plans: 

Klarna App or Klarna Browser

Download the Klarna app from the App Store or Play Store to your mobile phone, or go to the Klarna website at You can easily find the Dior store and search for the B22 design that you want. Add it to your cart and head to checkout. Select Klarna as the payment method to complete the transaction. 

Klarna In-store

Klarna In-store allows you to shop in a physical store, where you can use Klarna for your purchase. You can create your one-time card in the Klarna app, link it to your Apple Wallet and Google Pay, and head to the physical store. Use your Apple Wallet or Google Pay to pay for your purchase. 

Dior’s official website 

Go to from any of your browsers. You can either go to the menu, then select Men’s fashion. Go to the Sneakers category and start looking for B22. Or, you can simply type in B22 from the search engine, and it will give you a list of B22 designs that you can choose from. 

Third-party store

Dior saw an opportunity to reach more customers by partnering with retailers such as Luxofashion and Crepslocker. You can visit their official site and look for the B22 design that you like. Check their payment terms and policies for Klarna payment plans before checking out.

How to buy in Crepslocker using Klarna?

Can you make payment plans with Dior B22? 

Yes, you can make payment plans when buying Dior B22. Dior B22 partnered with Klarna to provide an opportunity for more consumers to avail of B22 more conveniently. They offer to buy now pay later interest-free plans that allow you to pay in four smaller payments. The requirement isn’t complicated. All you need are a valid debit or credit card issued in the U.S., must be at least 18 years old, a valid phone number, and U.S. residential address. Now you’re ready to sign up on Klarna. 

You will have the option to choose Klarna to pay in 4 if you are already eligible for Klarna payment plans. Once your B22 sneakers arrive at your front door, Klarna will charge you for the first payment. The rest will be deducted from your card per the schedule of payment. 

Klarna split your purchase into 4 interest-free

What shoe stores sell Dior B22 and accept buy now pay later?

There are several stores online where you can buy a pair of Dior B22. The stores offer to buy now and pay later payment options using Klarna and other financing apps. Here are a few of the stores that you can check out with your Dior B22 shoes: 

  1. Dr. Kickzz
  2. Luxofashion 
  3. Crepslocker
  4. Vestiaire Collective
  5. TRNDZ Boutique
  6. Mr. Trendz

It is best to visit the websites of these stores and check their payment terms and policies when it comes to Buy now pay later payment plans. 

Alternatives using Klarna to buy a Dior B22

The other payment options accepted by Dior in buying B22 other than Klarna include debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal and Paypal Express, and Apple Pay. However, you can use other financing apps when buying B22 in other reseller stores like Dr. Kickzz, Crepslocker, Vestiaire Collective, TRNDZ Boutique, and Mr. Trendz. You can choose: 

  1. LayBuy
  2. ClearPay
  3. Afterpay 
  4. Affirm 

The above payment apps usually follow the same buy now pay later process and offer interest-free plans. To choose the right financing app, consider if they are available in the store you want to shop with, understand the app’s features, and check the web community for ratings and issues associated with it. Also, check for the availability of their customer service and response rating. Last but not least, consider the safety of your money and personal information.