Discord Age Verification Picture

Discord’s age verification didn’t affect everyone. Just a selection of users who had been reported for being under 13 and teens who tried changing their age to 18 so they could access NSFW servers.
By Kelvin Wamalwa Written by Kelvin Wamalwa
Updated on August 5, 2022

People lie all the time. They do it ten times worse on the internet. A bunch of teens on Discord had their lies catch up with them when Discord started demanding IDs. Like many social media apps, Discord asks for a date of birth. Some people give their true dates of birth while others lie. It’s the way of the internet. No one was going to verify that information anyway. Until Discord went ahead and did. 

Discord’s age verification didn’t affect everyone. Just a selection of users who had been reported for being under 13 and teens who tried changing their age to 18 so they could access NSFW servers.

Many of these users had made the same mistake that ruins many a liar: they forgot their lies and started telling the truth, going around on servers and disclosing how old they actually were instead of sticking to the age they had claimed while setting up their accounts. Others tried accessing NSFW servers only to be turned away for being under 18. Others may have just been trolling. In the end, it didn’t matter. Discord had to demand IDs in order to insulate itself. Failure would have resulted in lawsuits for collecting data on underage users and showing inappropriate content to minors.

Why does Discord need your ID?

Discord doesn’t require ID’s from everyone. Only from users trying to change their ages. While changing things like your Discord tag or profile picture is incredibly easy, changing your birth date will trigger an age verification request. You will have to submit a selfie of yourself alongside your government-issued ID and a piece of paper containing your full Discord tag.

This is due to laws concerning internet usage. They vary from country to country. In the US and most of the world, the minimum age is 13. In other countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, it can be as high as 16.

This doesn’t mean pre-teens can’t use the internet. It just means that pre-teens can’t legally use many internet services profitably for the people providing those services. In the US for example, an internet company like Discord needs written and verifiable parental consent to collect any personal data from a user under the age of 13. That’s a massive hassle considering older users can just tick a box indicating they agree to terms of service they haven’t read and move on. 

As a result, most services just lock out anybody under 13. In the internet’s information economy, a user whose data you can’t collect is useless as he isn’t monetizable. And it’s not 12-year-olds have any money anyway. You’re better off targeting their parents.  

How do you confirm 18+ on Discord?

Confirming you’re older than 18 on Discord is easy. If you’re older than 18, just put in your real birthday during sign-up. If you are younger, you will have to lie. I strongly advise against this. Put in your real birthday and wait to grow up like everybody else.

If you put in a fake birthday as a joke, like many teens on Discord’s help forum claim, then you are in for a long process. You will have to:

  1. Write your full Discord tag including the last four numbers on a piece of paper.
  2. Hold your government-issued ID in one hand and the paper in the other.
  3. Take a picture. All three items (your Id, your face, and your Discord tag) must be in the same photograph.
  4. Mail them to Discord using the email address you used to sign up to Discord here.
  5. Wait. 

Can you bypass age verification on Discord?

The only way to bypass Discord’s age verification is by putting in a real birthday during sign-up. It’s also not a good idea to go around servers claiming you’re younger than you are (or giving your real age when you lied on the sign-up form). 

Age verification is triggered in three situations:

  1. You try changing your birth date in the account details section.
  2. You visit NSFW servers as an under 18.
  3. Other users report you for being underage 

How do I change the age on my Discord 2022?

There could be several reasons you might want to change your age. Here are a few from Discord’s help forum.

  1. “I made a mistake. I’m totally 21, not 15. I don’t know how I forgot that. Now I can’t access adult content servers. Please change my age.”
  2. “I did it as a joke.” (One guy did put his year of birth as 20222 so that might just be believable).
  3. “My friend messed with my phone.”
  4. “My sister set her age as 14 but it is my account and I’m totally 18. Believe me please.”

Regardless of the reason, changing your birth date will trigger an age verification check. There is no way to bypass it after you have created your account. You will have to email your photo alongside your ID and a scrap of paper showing your handwritten full discord tag in the steps outlined in the above subheading.