Do I Have to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 5, 2023

Shipping labels are a must when for both sellers and buyers. It is a way to organize and know what items an individual will send or receive. As a seller, you may be wondering, “Do I have to use Etsy shipping labels?”

It is not necessary to use Etsy shipping labels at all. There are ways for sellers to fulfill their orders without it.

Etsy is one of the online selling platforms that effectively utilizes shipping labels. Though it may look similar to most shipping labels of other online selling platforms, it is cheaper than sending it to post offices.  

It is one of the reasons why Etsy is widely used among online sellers, particularly sellers of vintage items. The shipping labels that Etsy provides are simple yet complete with all the necessary information.

Do I Have to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

What are Etsy Shipping Labels?

Etsy labels are usually made of paper. Also, it is wrapped in clear plastic to avoid moisture and protect it from quickly wearing out.

The Etsy shipping labels are specifically made for the online platform’s users. They contain most of the shipping information that the seller may include.

Information provided in the Etsy shipping labels can also be limited according to the buyer’s wishes. In short, it can be discreet sometimes. 

Can I Use My Shipping with Etsy?

Sellers can even print their shipping labels, too. It is a quick process that most sellers can also do.

The process only involves viewing a product in the seller’s shop. Specifically, they can find it on the page where products are already sold but not shipped yet.

There will be a ‘Print shipping label’ button that sellers can find on that specific page. All the Etsy sellers have to do is click it and configure minor information.

It is also recommended to use paper with adhesive, so it is more convenient to attach to the product’s wrap. Attaching an additional layer of plastic is also recommended.

Do I Have to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

Can You Not Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

First, you have to find another way to provide a shipping label. It is a must-do for sellers, after all.

Still, the simple answer is yes. If you are a seller who doesn’t want to use Etsy shipping labels, it is okay. 

There’s no fine, restriction, or penalty if you decide not to use one. So, sellers are free to decide if they want to use them or not.

Without any shipping label, you may confuse your recipient, and more inconveniences may follow. In the worst case, your receiver may refuse to accept it for security reasons and possibly look for a refund.

Etsy doesn’t mind that much if its sellers don’t use their shipping labels. Still, it depends on the seller on what is the most convenient method for making shipping labels. Some sellers even go to websites that provide postage and shipping labels for them.

Can I Handwrite Shipping Labels?

Handwriting your shipping labels is not common in most online selling platforms. Some of them even discourage handwritten shipping labels.

However, it is not the case for Etsy. Sellers on the platform are allowed to write their shipping labels by hand.

Now, a seller who chooses to write shipping labels has to pay their postage at a post office, which costs more.

Going for Etsy shipping labels might be the best option for many sellers, but it is not always the case. 

Writing your shipping label is helpful if you cannot print a shipping label using a printer. There are also places where Etsy sellers can’t print Etsy labels for some unknown reasons.

Do I Have to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

How are Etsy Shipping Labels Used?

Shipping labels on Etsy are one of the easiest to use among those found online. The process itself is simple.

Etsy sellers have to pay for it on USPS or UPS websites and print it using their printers. After that, sellers verify the content if it is accurate, then attach it to the packaging itself.

The shipping labels contain a lot of crucial information regarding a specific package. Some info includes the origin address, destination address, package weight, shipping address, and Electronic tracking number.

Is It Cheaper to Use Etsy Shipping Labels?

Many shipping labels from retail sites and online selling platforms provide affordable shipping labels. It is beneficial to an Etsy seller that it is the same for Etsy.

Using Etsy shipping labels is cheaper than paying for postage at the post office. It is also more convenient for most sellers with readily available printers. 

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What is the Cheapest Way to Ship on Etsy?

Almost every seller on Etsy is looking for the cheapest way to ship with Etsy. It is also an excellent strategy to practice for all sellers to save as much money as possible.

Still, the cheapest way to shop on Etsy depends on the situation of the seller. The availability of post offices and how fast Etsy shipping responds are critical factors.

Sometimes, it is cheaper to go for postal services like USPS priority mail and parcel shipping. Now, if a seller can rely on the services of Etsy shipping, then most of the time, the platform’s shipping will save them more money by at least a dollar or two per package.