How Do I Get Etsy Notifications?

Etsy notifications allows users monitor their store activity without using the website or app. But many sellers, especially new storeowners might find it difficult to turn on Etsy notifications.

Etsy notifications are alerts designed to inform users of activity in their account. Users will receive notifications after a successful sale, for promotional ads, or after inquiries from customers. 

Other notifications from Etsy can include information on newsletters, terms of use, etc. Etsy users can also customize notifications in their account and pick what updates they want to receive. 

In this article, you’ll find correct steps on how to get Etsy notifications along with other vital information.  You’ll be able to set up and customize Etsy notifications on your account after taking cues from this guide. 

How Do I Get Etsy Notifications TipsForEfficiency

How Do I Get Notifications from Etsy?

You can get notifications from the Etsy website or through the Sell on Etsy app. You can also get email notifications if you enable such alerts on your Etsy account. 

To get notifications, you must set preferences to receive alerts on your account. You can also turn on and toggle the Etsy notifications you prefer to receive. 

Why Am I Not Getting Etsy Notifications?

Etsy users may not getting notifications if all alerts are disabled on their account. Such users will only get information about transactions, promotions, and other updates whenever they sign in. 

Also, some Etsy users might not get email notifications if their app sends mails to a spam folder. These users should add to their contact list to receive important mails directly to their inbox. 

How Does Etsy Notify You of a Sale?

After a sale is complete, Etsy will send you an email notification containing important transaction details. You will also receive a notification on the Sell on Etsy app if you’ve installed it on your mobile. 

But you may not receive any of these notifications if you have disabled alerts in your account. 

How Do I Get Restock Notifications on Etsy?

Etsy Plus sellers have access to activate restock requests on their listed items. If your seller isn’t subscribed to Etsy Plus, you won’t receive notifications when they restock previously sold out items. 

Your Etsy Plus seller can turn on restock notifications and you’ll receive emails for every back in stock item. Restock notifications are automatic and only shoppers can request for these alerts if available. 

How Do I Get Email Notifications from Etsy TipsForEfficiency

How Do I Get Email Notifications from Etsy?

You can start receiving Etsy notifications after signing in and proceeding to Your Account. Next, scroll through available options and click on Account Settings

Next, click on the Emails tab. Click on Your Notifications, then Your Subscriptions, and select every item you want to receive alerts for.

Finally, click on Save Settings. After saving your settings, you’ll get email notifications for all your preferred alerts.  

How do I Turn Off Notifications on Etsy?

You can turn off Etsy notifications by signing in and clicking on Your Account. Next, scroll through all options and click on Account Settings

Next, click on the Emails tab. Click on Your Notifications and Your Subscriptions, then deselect every item you don’t want to receive notifications for.

Finally, click on Save Settings

After saving your changes, you won’t receive any email notifications. All notifications will remain on your account and display as an orange dot on your main page (top right corner).

Do Customers Get Notified of Price Change on Etsy?

Customers do not get notifications of price changes on Etsy. If an item is already in a buyer’s cart, they will not receive any messages if the seller adjusts pricing. 

Buyers will only be aware of any price changes when they check their cart. Information on their cart will show if an item has received a price adjustment.

Shoppers will have to pay the new price for that item when they proceed to checkout.  

How Do You Know If Your Order Went Through on Etsy?

You can get information on whether your order went through by signing in to your Etsy account. After signing in, go to Your Account (Web) or You (on the app).

Next, select Purchases and Reviews. You will see a list of all your orders on the Purchases page. 

Tap or click on any order to reveal its current shipping status. An Etsy order that hasn’t gone through will read as “Not Shipped” on your Purchases page. 

You will need to contact your seller to check the order status and confirm your order. Successful orders on Etsy will display as “Shipped” and then “In Transit” and finally “Delivered” on your Purchases page. 

It’s better to request tracking information of your order to help you monitor its transit to your location. 

Untracked orders may get lost in transit and may cause a problem. Sellers can also take advantage of tracking orders to know if their sold items have been safely delivered.