What is an Etsy Order Receipt Banner?

Etsy have made changes to their banners at least twice in recent years. With so many modifications on Etsy over the years, many storeowners don’t really know what an order receipt banner is. 

An Etsy order receipt banner is an image uploaded onto Etsy for default printing on packing slips or order receipts. The banner has a default size and sellers can edit its content and upload on Etsy to show different messages. 

If you still don’t know enough about Etsy order receipt banners, don’t be troubled? Find all the information you need about these banners and much more below. 

What is an Etsy Order Receipt Banner TipsForEfficiency

What is an Order Receipt Banner on Etsy?

The order receipt banner is a direct replacement of “small banners” previously uploaded by storeowners. It is different from the “Big banner” shop owners can upload on their store’s main page. 

Etsy order receipt banners are designed to help sellers pass custom messages across to buyers. These banners can be quite effective to sellers with insights on how to use them.  

Etsy Order Receipt Banner Examples

Sellers can use order receipt banners to include coupon codes for a buyer’s next order. The banner can also work to display appreciation messages to customers. 

Also, sellers can upload a smaller size of their store’s main banner as an order receipt banner. Other sellers may just prefer to leave the banner blank if they don’t have any use for it. 

What is The Size of an Etsy Order Receipt Banner?

What is The Size of an Etsy Order Receipt Banner 760x100 pixels

The standard size of Etsy order receipt banners should be within 760×100 pixels (7.92”x1.04” at 96 dots per inch). Any banner designed to fit within this dimension will display correctly on customers’ packing slips and order receipts. 

Banners designed to exceed the dimension above will not display correctly on customers’ receipts and slips. Going over these dimensions will make the image become fuzzy or cut off its edges.

Sellers can create a banner within the standard dimensions and place it in a white or colored surround background. Putting your designed banner in a surround background makes it easy to display all details on receipts and slips.  

Where Does an Etsy Order Receipt Banner Appear?

An order receipt banner on Etsy appears on the hard copy of printed receipts after a sale. Buyers who receive order receipts or packing slips with their purchase will see this banner if a seller enables it. 

The order receipt banner does not appear to buyers whenever they shop online. Sellers can upload the Etsy order receipt banner from the Info and Appearance page in their shop.   

What Should I Put on My Etsy Order Receipt Banner?

You can add an appreciation text to your shop banner saying “Thank You” to customers for their purchase. Sellers can also choose to add their store name and other information to the order receipt banner. 

Some sellers can choose to include only text or graphics to their order receipt banner. Others may choose to combine text and graphics while creating this banner. 

How Can I Remove The Order Receipt Banner on Etsy?

First method to remove the Etsy order receipt banner: Disabling it from your store’s Shop Manager

You can remove an Etsy order receipt banner from your store by disabling it from print options. First, you need to go to Shop Manager on your store. 

Then you need to click on Settings, and Info and Appearance. Scroll to Order Receipt Banner in this section and click an “X” mark on the banner’s upper right angle.

After clicking the “X” mark, scroll to the last section and click on Save Changes

Second method to remove the Etsy order receipt banner: Unchecking banners from order receipts

 Go to Order section on your shop’s main page and click on three vertical dots. Click on Print, and then Order Receipts.

After this, click on Customize and uncheck Order Receipt Banner from available options. Click on Save Settings for Next Time.  

Can I Customize My Order Receipt Banner on Etsy?

You cannot directly customize an order receipt banner on Etsy. The only option available is to upload and delete order receipt banners whenever you want to.

You can create and edit images on your device’s default photo editor or use third-party apps. It’s also easy to resize images on several apps to meet standard size requirements for an Etsy order receipt banner.  

Is Etsy Banner and Order Receipt Banner The Same Thing?

On Etsy, the banner and order receipt banner are two different things. Sellers can upload a larger banner onto their storefront, and some big banners can measure up to 1200 x 300px. 

The big Etsy banner is visible to buyers who look through your store for items. Order receipt banners are much smaller, and aren’t visible to buyers whenever they visit your storefront.