Etsy Shop Name Availability

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 7, 2023

Starting up a shop online is one of the best things to do right now for business owners. The number of online shoppers continues to grow every year, offering lucrative opportunities for enterprising individuals. Before starting an online business, you need to check the Etsy shop name availability to avoid issues later on,

As sellers on Etsy continue to rise, it is also possible that newcomers will encounter a naming problem for their shops. The shop name availability can become scarce if too many sellers join the platform.

Online selling platforms like Etsy also get a boost because of the circumstances. It is not just buyers who flocked to Etsy but also some sellers.

However, once a shop name’s been established by a seller, nobody can copy it. Some Etsy sellers also trademark their shop names so they can secure them.

It is difficult for sellers to make a unique name for a shop if their business name has already been established outside Etsy. 

Guide to Etsy Shop Name Availability

How Do I Know If a Shop Name is Available on Etsy?

The process of knowing the availability of your shop on Etsy is quick and easy. Although, the process can only happen once.

To check if your shop name is available, you will first have to go through the shop creation process. It happens when you are prompted or see a text box where you input a shop name.

For example, when you enter the shop name of your choice, a text or speech will say if the shop name is not available for use anymore. On the other hand, a checkmark will appear, or texts will tell you that your shop name choice is available.

Etsy prevents duplicate shop names effectively because of the name-checking system. It also prevents confusion for buyers who are searching for a specific shop.

Can You Use the Same Etsy Shop Name?

No. Sellers are not permitted by Etsy to use the same shop name. 

Etsy needs to make sure that its platform is not confusing. They also want to keep the privacy of both buyers and sellers through unique shop names.

Also worth noting is that duplicate shop names on Etsy don’t exist and probably never will. The term ‘duplicate’ here implies exact names for two or more shops with the same characters, spelling, etc.

The anti-shop name duplicate feature is not exclusive to Etsy alone. Almost all of the selling and buying platforms online implement such a feature. It is a feature that Etsy users rarely appreciate, and also one of the most helpful among its features.

Guide to Etsy Shop Name Availability

Why is My Shop Name Not Available on Etsy?

The primary reason why a shop name is not available on Etsy is that it is already taken. Yet, it is not always the thing that one may think of.

An example of this is when individuals create a shop on Etsy but has made no listings yet. 

Some users said that Etsy shops without listings are undetectable by the shop name checker of Etsy.

Another reason your desired shop name may not be available on Etsy is that you have used the same name in the past. Changing your shop name will make your last shop name available for new sellers.

Now, there are instances that even though that was the case, the Etsy shop name checker will still not detect that the shop name is available. It is a rare instance, but it happens according to some sellers on Etsy.

What to Do if My Etsy Name is Taken?

If the choice of your Etsy shop name is already taken, there are alternative ways that you can solve the problem. The most convenient solution is to think of a new Etsy shop name.

There are a lot of shop names that Etsy sellers can make than the ones that are already available. Still, if a seller’s already established a business name outside Etsy and still wants to keep it, there’s another way.

Altering your shop name can be an effective solution. For example, you can add words like ‘services’ or something similar to the already taken name.

Still, it is recommended to keep each content of your Etsy shop as unique as possible. Even the display images you will include must not be the same as your similar shop name.

Etsy might take down a shop if Etsy is not careful about the shop names and contents.

Guide to Etsy Shop Name Availability

How Do You Think of a Shop Name?

Thinking of a shop name is not something someone can instantly do. Stories of successful entrepreneurs include when they are thinking of the name of their brands or shops.

There are multiple approaches that sellers can make to come up with a shop name. You may also include your name with it. 

You can choose a word that perfectly describes what your shop offers and what you sell. Another option is the name of the seller and the service offered by the shop. 

Remember to make it as simple as possible as well. One of the goals that sellers should think of is how easily customers can remember their shop name.

Not only that, but sellers should also avoid copying shop or business names, even outside the Etsy platform. Still, shop owners shouldn’t be pressured by naming their shops; the seller’s service quality gets them more customers.

Guide to Etsy Shop Name Availability

Etsy Shop Name Examples

Simple examples of Etsy shop names are TheSilverWren, Onata, Jennifer Casady, TheHousePlantNursery, and more. Some Etsy shop owners even use their names, and others choose to get their shop names from their services or products.

The common thing among successful Etsy shop owners is how creative and straightforward their shop names are. Remember to find inspiration from them if you want to make a shop name while keeping it original.