Exposed Range Hood

Redirecting heat from your home or commercial kitchen is difficult without installing a decent range hood. Range hoods are available in different designs and could be concealed or exposed over your kitchen.

Exposed range hoods hover above cooktops and have their ductwork in full display unlike concealed vents. An exposed range hood can take an angular form towards its outer vent or follow a direct, vertical pattern. 

Getting vital information about exposed range hoods is essential, especially if you plan to remodel anytime soon. That’s why this article provides answers to vital questions about exposed range hoods. 

Taking cues from this article makes it easy to choose and install an exposed range hood in your kitchen. 

Are Exposed Range Hoods Any Good?

Exposed range hoods are good for removing unwanted odors, moisture, and grease from your kitchen’s environment. Installing exposed range hoods also helps you redirect carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen, and many other pollutants from your kitchen. 

Exposed range hoods provide adequate protection against poor air quality and helps expel harmful fumes with ease. An exposed range vent will perform its functions properly when installed over low or high-performance cooktops, ovens, or other cookers. 

How Much is a Regular Range Hood?

A standard exposed range hood could sell within $100 to $500. High-end exposed range hoods usually sell within $1500 to $6000. 

Concealed range hoods are usually high-end in design and could cost within $1,600 to $8,000. Size options and available features could make a concealed range hood cost well over the amount of generic models. 

Exposed range hoods are usually less expensive than concealed vents. The protruding design of an exposed range hood means it requires less power to suck hot air into its ductwork. 

Concealed range hoods require more power to perform their duties properly, especially when installed over high BTU cookers. 

Do Range Hoods Have to Be Vented Outside?

Range hoods may not be vented to the outside every time, but outdoor venting comes highly recommended. Range hoods that aren’t vented to the outside could affect the integrity of woodwork supporting your roof. 

Prolonged use of vent hoods requires fitting ductwork to release all hot air sucked in safely outdoors. If you don’t cook much in your kitchen, you could install a range hood without venting it outside. 

Can I Use a Range Hood with Exposed Ducting?

Several kitchen designs can accommodate range hoods with exposed ducting. The most common forms of exposed ducting hover vertically over your cooktop or above cabinets in a horizontal pattern. 

How Much Does it Cost to Expose a Range Hood Vent Outside?

The price to install a range hood largely depends on all features you need. Installing a vent requires electrical work, outside venting, woodwork, fitting, and so on. 

Standard installation of an exposed range hood without venting outside could cost within $600 to $1000. Detailed installations with the whole service sheet (outside venting, fitting, etc.) usually costs within 00 to 00. (  

Other factors like your location, vent brand, and number of vents for installation can affect the final price. 

Is an Exposed Range Hood Better than a Ducted Vent?

An exposed range hood has the same features and functions with concealed vents. Ducted vents might be preferred in smaller kitchens to save space while sucking out unwanted air and oils. 

Exposed range hoods are better for bigger kitchens and adds aesthetic appeal wherever you install them.  

Do Exposed Range Hoods Remove Smoke?

Exposed range hoods feature designs and functions capable of removing fumes and oils effortlessly from your kitchen. Exposed range hoods can redirect pollutants out of your kitchen while giving it an aesthetic appeal. 

Can You Vent a Kitchen without an Exposed Range Hood?

It is risky to cook in a kitchen without an exposed or concealed range hood. You can’t vent your kitchen properly without using a range hood. 

Air quality issues are common in homes that have no proper kitchen ventilation. 

Other factors also determine how well you can vent your kitchen with an exposed range hood. The size of your kitchen, frequency of use and other factors determine whether an exposed range hood will guarantee proper ventilation. 

Best Exposed Range Hoods

Awoco RH-C06-30

Multiple electronic features fitted in this high-end range hood makes it an option for small and large-scale ventilation. Different variants of this 30” model supports hybrid installation for concealed ventilation too. 

Newcastle Kitchen Heat 

The Newcastle Kitchen Heat exposed range hood is designed for homeowners on a budget. For just $170, you’ll get increased support to suck out contaminants and uncomfortable hot air from your property. 

Several handy features along with its sleek design makes this exposed range hood a choice option.