Failed to Open NVENC Codec: Function Not Implemented

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Updated on April 16, 2022

NVIDIA encoders (NVENC) are popular options for streamers and offline recorders on OBS. But sometimes, the NVENC on some OBS versions returns a ‘failed to open NVENC codec’ error.

OBS users could experience a failed to open NVENC codec error because of an outdated graphics card or old app version. Several types of this error exist, with the failed to open NVENC codec: function not implemented the most common. 

Fixing all kinds of failed to open NVENC codec errors is possible. OBS users just need to follow the right steps to resolve the encoding error and stream or record offline.  

That’s why this article provides details on how to fix different NVENC codec errors. The information in this post make it easy to use OBS with zero encoding codec issues when streaming or recording content. 

How to Fix Failed to Open NVENC Codec: Function Not Implemented on Windows 

Step 1: Open OBS

First, launch OBS from your installed programs list. You can click the Start orb at the bottom left of your screen or search for ‘OBS’ manually. 

Step 2: Click File > Settings

After opening OBS, click File > Settings. Clicking Settings opens a window with several options at the side menu. 

Step 3: Click Output and go to Streaming or Recording

Next, select Output from the list of sidebar menu options. Go to the Streaming or Recording submenus and select Encoding 

Step 4: Switch encoding software

While at Encoding, switch the default NVENC encoder to Software (x264) to use your computer’s default encoding software.

Step 5: Click Apply and then OK

Click Apply for the settings to take effect and then click OK. 

How to Fix NVENC Codec Error in OBS 25.0.3 or Later

Step 1: Open OBS

Launch OBS from your computer. If you’re running OBS 27 or later, you might not experience settings-related issues with NVENC codec error. 

Step 2: Click File 

At the top left corner of your OBS window, click on File from the list of top-menu options available. Clicking File reveals a dropdown list with about half-a-dozen options. 

Step 3: Click Settings

After clicking on File, click Settings from options in the menu. Clicking Settings opens a window of preferences to tweak OBS default settings. 

Several sidebar tabs like Output, Video, Advanced, Audio, etc. are in this section for OBS users to customize. 

Step 4: Go to Output > Recording 

Next, go to Output on the sidebar menu after accessing Settings. After that, click on Recording from the list of options to reveal another sub-menu with more settings. 

Step 5: Select Custom Output

After selecting Recording, choose Type from all options available. Next, choose Custom Output from the dropdown menu and click OK. 

If the preset FFMPEG arguments on OBS 25.0.3 have any bugs, this should solve the problem. 

How Can I Fix a Failed to Open NVENC Codec with GPU Upgrade? 

An incompatible graphics card is a major reason why OBS users experience the NVENC error code. You can get an NVIDIA graphics card on a budget, however, you need to confirm its compatibility with your computer. 

And it’s also a smart idea to consult an experienced technician to handle the installation if you can’t DIY.

After the installation, run OBS and select NVENC H .264 as your preferred encoder. It should work without displaying a failed to open error.   

How to Fix Failed to Open NVENC Codec: Generic Error in an External Library OBS Ubuntu

Step 1: Open OBS

Launch OBS already installed on your Linux Ubuntu or download the latest version from

Step 2: Go to File > Settings

Next, click File from the top-left corner of OBS’ window.

Step 3: Click Output > Recording or Streaming > Encoder 

After that, click Output from the sidebar of options, and then selecting encoder options from Recording or Streaming. 

Step 4: Switch encoder from NVENC to Software (x264)

Switch NVENC H .264 from Recording or Streaming to Software (x264) or any other encoder supported by OBS. 

Step 5: Click Apply and OK

After that, click Apply and then OK. 

How Can I Fix Failed to Open NVENC Codec: Cannot Allocate Memory?

OBS users can fix failed to open NVENC codec: cannot allocate memory errors through the File Menu. Follow the path: File > Settings > Output. At the Output menu, switch Encoding on Recording and Streaming from NVENC to Software (x264).

How to Fix Failed to Open NVENC Codec: Invalid Argument

Step 1: Update all device drivers

Install a driver pack on your computer or use online sources like DriverEasy to update all system drivers. 

Step 2: Test NVENC encoder

Open the File > Settings > Output path to confirm your encoder settings for Streaming and Recording are set to NVENC (H .264). 

Try to stream or record offline with your hotkey to check for any problems. If problems persist, go to File > Settings > Output and switch both encoder settings to Software (x264).