Fake ID for YouTube Verification

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Updated on July 24, 2023

Using a fake ID for YouTube verification should never be an option. You could lose several privileges on YouTube or get several restrictions placed on your account with fake ID.

People who use fake ID for YouTube verification break Google’s Terms and Conditions. You must use valid ID to verify your YouTube account to comply with set guidelines. 

Users who fail to verify their YouTube with proper credentials contravene multiple EU laws. Failure to verify your YouTube account exposes may limit what content you get to see on the platform. 

You need more information if you plan to avoid restrictions that come with using a fake ID for YouTube verification. That’s why this article provides answers to vital questions about YouTube ID verification. 

Why Does YouTube Require ID for Verification?

YouTube requires some users to verify their ID or phone number before accessing certain content. Some YouTube content will be inaccessible if users don’t provide information compliant with certain EU laws. 

In most cases, YouTube requests ID to verify the age of users before making restricted content available. 

YouTube may also request ID verification if a user plans to complete one or more transactions. Accessing premium content on YouTube in some countries might be unavailable until you provide proper ID.

YouTube might also require ID for verification from any accounts suspected of completing unusual transactions. User accounts flagged for suspicious transactions will have to provide correct ID to regain access to YouTube content.

Also, YouTube might require ID from user accounts flagged for suspicious activity. Requesting ID is a major tool YouTube relies on to prevent spamming, abuse, and bots on the platform. 

What Kind of ID Can You Use for YouTube Verification?

You can use your driver’s license or national identity card for YouTube verification. The number of IDs YouTube accepts for its verification is different from country to country. 

Why You Should Not Use a Fake ID for YouTube Verification

You risk getting your account suspended if you use a fake ID for YouTube verification. Also, accounts that use fake IDs for verification are exposed to more spam checks than users with valid identity cards. 

Users that present fake IDs for verification also risk losing special badges in the future. If your channel has many followers, verifying with a fake ID could cause mass un-subscriptions.

How to Stop YouTube Asking to Verify Your Age without Fake ID

First way to stop YouTube asking to verify your age without fake ID: On PC

Step 1: Visit Listen on Repeat or NSFW YouTube

Enter any of both URLs (youtubensfw.com or repeatyoutube.com) on your browser.

Step 2: Locate the video and click on it

Accessing YouTube videos without restrictions is easy through the websites mentioned in Step 1. No age restrictions apply on both websites and you can access all YouTube videos without logging in. 

Second way to stop YouTube asking to verify your age without fake ID: On iOS

Step 1: Log into your account

Visit www.youtube.com through your phone browser or launch the app. Next, log into your account with your username (email address) and password. 

Your account picture will be visible at the top-right corner of your screen if you’re logged in. 

Step 2: Go to Menu > Settings > General

Tap the account picture to access your main dropdown menu. Next, tap Settings to enter another submenu. Next, go to General from options under the Settings submenu.

Step 3: Toggle ‘Restricted Mode’ to OFF

A ‘Restricted Mode’ button is under the General menu. If the button is toggled on (blue), tap to deactivate it (grey). 

Step 4: Launch YouTube

After completing these settings, return to your main page and access available content. 

Third way to stop YouTube asking to verify your age without fake ID: On PC or Android (with VLC player)

Step 1: Copy URL of restricted video

Copy the link of any age-restricted video on YouTube you want to watch. 

Step 2: Install VLC

Next, install VLC player on your computer or Android device. 

Step 3: Select More

After that, click More from available options under the Settings menu. 

Step 4: Click New Stream

Select New Stream to reveal a window with a query bar. 

Step 5: Paste URL and tap Forward

Paste the URL to age-restricted YouTube video and click Forward. 

Fourth way to stop YouTube asking to verify your age without fake ID on any device: With external video downloader

Step 1: Copy URL of restricted YouTube video

Copy the video’s URL from your YouTube feed.

Step 2: Launch YouTube video downloader

Next, visit the website of your preferred video downloader. 

Step 3: Paste URL and select appropriate video quality

Next, paste the video URL in a query bar provided. 

Most video downloaders provide external video files in different sizes. Select the appropriate video size to begin your download or click any Download button provided.