FiOS IoT Network

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Updated on May 25, 2022

The FiOS internet of things (IoT) network offers Verizon users fast connectivity they can use across multiple smart devices.  Smarter home, office, and related technologies are easier to manage within a standard FiOS network.

The FiOS network extends internet connectivity from computers and smartphones to newer, smart devices. Users of this network can link devices like cars, fitness gear, smart sessions, and home appliances with ease. 

Most elements available under the IoT network are available to Verizon FiOS users. That’s why this article provides information about the FiOS IoT network to make smart connectivity easy. 

What is FiOS IoT Network?

The FiOS IoT network is an internet connectivity module designed to make linking up smart devices easy. The network allows legacy IoT gear connect to a 2.4GHz band or higher without affecting primary network settings. 

Internet plans like the FiOS 5G or Home Internet can support IoT networks in a small or expanded setup. 

What is IoT on My FiOS Internet?

The internet of things network can run with data support from a FiOS network. With this feature, appliances and regular home devices designed for IoT can interact seamlessly.

The IoT-FiOS network allows smart use of different appliances without requiring manual input. Users can connect their devices and run several actions from a single location with IoT running of FiOS internet. 

What is the FiOS IoT SSID on G3100?

The IoT SSID of FiOS-supported G3100 allows regular devices connect to its three wireless bands. G3100 users can get uninterrupted linkup to one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz networks. 

The addition of IoT SSID allows basic IoT devices connect better without needing to enable wireless radios separately. Other side effects of connecting to an SON-enabled network are eliminated with the SSID feature. 

Isolation features on IoT devices are not top-notch yet, but the inclusion of SSID to G3100 improves network security. 

What Devices Should Be on FiOS IoT Network?

Common devices on an IoT network include home equipment like TVs, kitchen equipment, lighting, electronic gates, and access doors. Other devices that can feature on an IoT network include smart home sensors, cars, fitness equipment, traffic lights, and so on. 

The amount of devices that can be on an IoT network running on FiOS internet are limitless. Even some common equipment like hair dryers and toasters can now connect to an IoT network with the right setup.  

How Many IoT Connections Does Verizon FiOS Have?

Verizon currently supports millions of IoT-ready devices for home or commercial use. Projections based on available technology and expected scaling positions Verizon FiOS to service more IoT-ready gear in the 2020s. 

Current numbers show that IoT connections globally exceed 20 billion devices and counting. 

Verizon FiOS is a favored option for fast voice and data linkup in countries where their services are available. The reach of IoT connections through Verizon FiOS is expected to rise with new, affordable designs to run on such smart networks. 

Can Verizon FiOS Subscribers Use IoT Marketplace?

Verizon supports an IoT marketplace where subscribers can compare, manage, purchase, and activate different smart devices. Most FiOS subscribers have access to this signature marketplace from Verizon to use internet-ready hardware in a linked network. 

FiOS internet subscribers on a 5G network can take full advantage of this marketplace to incorporate compatible digital devices. Common items available on the IoT marketplace from Verizon include smart GPS boards, modems, IoT SIMs, and much more. 

Will Verizon ThingSpace Manage IoT Work with FiOS? 

Verizon ThingSpace Manage is designed to make smart devices run on a compatible network. FiOS internet is one of the most reliable data options to run a seamless IoT network through. 

ThingSpace Manage has a portal where users can activate, restore, suspend or deactivate Verizon services. The Manage portal also allows users complete SIM or hardware swaps with ease. 

Users of FiOS networks with ThingSpace can also manage and troubleshoot devices usage in moments. Notifications of exceptions from default network settings are also available to FiOS users through ThingSpace Manage.

Does Verizon FiOS 5G Support IoT Networks?

Verizon FiOS 5G has several compatible plans on the ThingSpace IoT network. Much lower latency and higher capacity internet from FiOS 5G can run IoT devices with ease. 

Devices that can run FiOS 5G must be Verizon-certified and feature on local or nationwide hardware and data plans. 

Best Verizon FiOS IoT Data Plans

The most popular IoT plans used for Verizon-certified devices are 5G Home Internet and High Speed Internet. However, several FiOS data plans like the 500Mbps option can smoothly support IoT devices. 

Other FiOS plans like the 300Mbps and Gigabit variants can connect IoT devices on a network with ease.