Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign

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Updated on July 25, 2023

The Ford 3.5 water pump is designed to circulate special coolant and water throughout compatible engines. Without a functioning water pump, the engine will likely heat up and die after a few thousand miles.

The new Ford 3.5 water pump redesign can last for up to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance. However, the original 3.5 water pump build had some structural issues that forced its redesign.

The Ford 3.5 water pump saga received massive media attention and was fingered as a prime cause for engine failure in many vehicles. Numerous customer complaints were not enough to force recalls, but Ford made changes to the water pump’s original design.

But what does the new design offer? How are customers reacting to the redesign and its new features? 

In this article, find the answers to every important question about the Ford 3.5 water pump redesign. All the answers in this post makes it easy to order a new water pump for your engine or not.

What Do Customers Say After Using the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign?

Customers who purchase the new Ford 3.5 water pump are typically satisfied with its overall design and performance. 

Since its launch into the market, the redesign hasn’t received massive negative reviews. It’s also worth noting that no class-action lawsuits have been filed since the re-launch of this water pump design. 

Does the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign Have Any Major Flaws?

The new Ford 3.5 water pump was designed to fix any major flaws customers experienced with its old model. Alterations to the old design made it easy for engines to receive more coolant and water circulation. 

There is no indication that the water pump redesign might have future problems with its structure or operation. 

Will the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign Last Long?

Water pump redesigns from Ford are designed to last for 100,000+ miles minimum. However, some issues with the engine, coolant, or water supply might reduce the lifespan of such pumps.

Engines that receive excessive use may need water pump replacements in one-third of the minimum expected lifespan. But it’s worth noting that water pumps might fail without notice, even with the redesign. 

Proper vehicle maintenance and water pump inspection are key factors that determine how many coolant replacements you’ll need. Frequency of use is another element that might influence how long your Ford 3.5 water pump will last. 

How Many Versions of the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign are Available?

The Ford 3.5 water pump usually comes in an external or internal build based on your engine layout. Newer Ford vehicles (post-2019) don’t come with external water pump designs anymore. 

The most common engines with an external water pump design are 3.5 & 3.7 Transverse-MT Duratec V6 assemblies. However, common orders for the Ford 3. 5 water pump redesign are available as internal only; externals are largely available on special request. 

Does the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign Kill Engines?

The Ford 3.5 water pump redesign has several design improvements to protect engines. Old models of the 3.5 water pump didn’t cause massive engine failure in many vehicles, but customer complaints made a redesign necessary. 

Numerous customers complained about the old water pump causing their engines to die. 

The new Ford 3.5 water pump design features new systems designed to keep your engines at optimum performance. Ford users running V6 engines and other models also get similar engine protections from the new water pump design. 

Will I Need to Replace the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign?

Chances are high that you’ll have to replace the new Ford 3.5 water pump design after every 100,000 – 130,000 miles. 

Water pumps are designed to last at least 100,000 miles before requiring a replacement. However, you can decide to replace a faulty water pump anywhere from 35,000 miles. 

Inferior water pumps might not last that long, but models from Ford usually last long with V6 engines. You’ll be looking at $1000 – $2000 to effect a replacement of your Ford 3.5 water pump, depending on multiple factors. 

Can the Ford 3.5 Water Pump Redesign Work on Edge?

Apart from being ideal for several models of the Duratec V6, the Ford water pump redesign works on most engines fitted on Edge assemblies. 

New variations to the original design will work perfectly on most engines fitted on Ford Edge vehicles. However, it’s vital to consult the licensed Ford technician closest to your location for more information.

Seeking the guidance and expertise of licensed technicians provides enough information about 3.5 water pumps and your Ford engine. 

If you can’t locate the nearest licensed technician for Ford vehicles in your area, reach out to local dealers near you. You can also contact Ford through their various service channels for information about the 3.5 water pump redesign on Edge.