GE Monogram vs Café

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Updated on August 13, 2023

General Electric (GE) produces a wide range of modern appliances for home and commercial use. Some of the most popular, efficient GE products are manufactured under the Monogram and Café sub-brands. But which of the two sub-brands is better? Find out more in our GE Monogram vs Café comparison below.

GE Monogram and Café products range from cooktops, refrigerators, and wall ovens to other essential home/commercial appliances. Numerous styles, cost, and choice differences exist among Monogram and Café appliances. 

Choosing appliances that are perfect for your home or commercial space from Monogram or Café could be challenging without the right information. That’s why this GE Café vs Monogram guide provides access to the correct information needed to help you select GE appliances that suit you perfectly.   

GE Monogram vs Café: Cooktops/Rangetops


Several professional rangetops from Monogram come with a design that perfectly fits domestic and commercial kitchen setups. 

The Monogram range of cooktops and range-tops are available in dual fuel, gas, and full electric options (cooktops only). These cooktops range from 30” to 46” and possess sleek designs to update any kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. 

Several rangetops/cooktops in this set currently range from $2000 to $5400 per unit. Other extra features like grills, griddles, smart knob controls, and much more add value to Monogram’s entire cooktop range.  


Cooktops from Café are available in white, silver, and black hues with 5 to 6 sealed burners on several models. Most Café range-tops are available in 30” to 48” sizes with large options featuring integrated griddles and grills. 

Café range-tops are available from $1,700 to $4500 per unit. Electric cooktops are also available from $1,700 to $2,700 (standard 30” element/induction models).

GE Monogram vs Café: Ranges


GE Monogram professional ranges are available in 30”, 36”, and 48” variants. These professional ranges offer several heating options like dual fuel, gas only, and all-electric. 

Options in the Monogram Professional series come with 4 to 6 burners and some possess extra essentials like grills and griddles. Pricing for a unit of GE Professional range currently stands at $5,600 to $15,000. 

The electrical requirements of a standard GE Monogram Professional range are within 120V – 240V (both on AC). 


Ranges from Café are usually within the 30” to 48” size variants and come in all gas, dual fuel (gas/electric), and all-electric. 5 to 6 burners are common on most Café ranges, depending on your preferred model. 

Price ranges for the Café line of ranges currently stand at $6,500 to $12,800. 

GE Monogram vs Café: Wall ovens


The Monogram line offers minimalist, convection, and statement wall ovens in single and double variants—several wall ovens in this line measure 29.75” with smaller 27” options available. 

The standard capacity of GE Monogram ovens ranges from 1.23 cu. ft. to 10 cu. ft. 


Wall ovens from Café are usually available in the 27” to 30” range and support several cutting-edge features. Single orders for one Café wall oven cost between $4,100 to $6,000.

GE Monogram vs Café: Refrigerators


Refrigerators from Monogram feature designs to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of any kitchen setup. Small homes can rely on a counter-depth French Door fridge (statement handle) with ample space for groceries and frozen food. 

Large homes and commercial kitchens will get more bang for their buck from the side-by-side range of refrigerators. Options from the Monogram line are available for $4,500 to $12,500.  


Several Café refrigerators are side-by-side, plain (freezer bottom), or French Door styles. These units usually measure within 36” to 48” and stainless steel is the preferred material for their surface designs.

An average price of $8,000 should be enough to get a decent Café unit from all models available. 

GE Monogram vs Café: Dishwashers


Fully-integrated dishwashers from Monogram offer Quiet Package technology that has noise ratings within 39 to 42 dBA during operation. These dishwashers have different details with some featuring minimalist handles or sleek, boarded front panels. 

Dishwashers in the Monogram range are available from $1,500 to $2,400. 


Most dishwashers in the Café range offer several handy features to keep your dishes squeaky clean. 24” Café dishwashers are available from $1,000 to $1,700.

Café washers with more features tend to cost more than standard units do. 

GE Monogram vs Café: Vent Hoods


Several vent (range) hoods from Monogram come with sleek designs and several features to keep your kitchen comfortable. Range hoods in the Monogram series come in different sizes and offer variable speed control. 

Other special features like 4-speed or higher blower levels and a 420+ CFM rating (select models) offer better functionality. Price ranges for these vent hoods currently stand between 0 to 00.

Range hoods in this line measure from 28” to 48” wide. Your choice for any of these range hoods usually depends on the size of your installed range/cooktops. 


Vent hoods in the Café range measure within 30” to 36” range and offer several features similar to those on Monograms. Standard Café range hoods are available from just $750 to $1,450. 

Different fan ratings are available on these models, and these units usually come in black, silver, or white.