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By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 12, 2022

The domain has already confused a lot of people and keeps them wondering what it really is. In fact, some people believe that it is illegal, while others think that it is malware or a virus. Therefore, there are doubts about how safe it is. Also, there are only limited people familiar with the domain. So, if you are not among them, take this chance to know about it. 

Interestingly, the domain has surrounding issues about being malware wherein, as a matter of fact, Google is the one that owns it. With that being said, it is a safe domain. To be specific, the domain is used as a conjunction hostname to access Google Maps. Also, is utilized to host visual content effectively. Together with its other subdomains, it can host Google photos and videos. 

ggpht com

If you want to be sure about how to think about the domain, then discover more about it below. Let’s start with its domain information. Keep reading until you know about its redirect versions. 

Domain information

The domain has been registered for a few years already. As a matter of fact, it was registered way back in January 2008. Just recently, it has been updated. It was in December 2021, to be specific. 

With the recent update, is now set to expire in January 2023. Of course, Google can always update its registration so the domain will not expire. Meanwhile, has several name servers, such as,,, and

While is already a simple domain, it is still confused by many people. Common typos for this domain include,,,,,,,,,, and the list goes on. 

Despite the popular typos with the domain, it is still incredible since it has a high traffic volume with unique daily visitors and page views. That said, it is no wonder that it has an amazing value rate. 

On average, each visitor has 8.56 average views on the domain. No wonder since it belongs to Google. That’s why it remains of high value regardless of having countless competitors. 


As already mentioned, the domain belongs to Google. It is registered under the Google LLC Organization in the US, to be specific. It has 1380820534_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN as its registry domain ID. The domain’s registration information is available at WHOIS. So, even you can verify it.

ggpht com

Malware issues

Even if the domain belongs to Google, it is hard to find details about it with just simple research. That’s the primary reason why it has malware issues surrounding it. At the same time, is closely compared to 

Surely, it is hard for a person who is not tech savvy to differentiate the two. However, there are reports on the Google Chrome community that is detected as malware. Thus, the domain is also considered malware. 

Well, now you know that is a domain owned by Google, you don’t have to worry about it. That said, it is safe even if you encounter it. No need to beware about it messing around since WHOIS has already verified its registration.  

Safety concerns

Since is considered malware by some who are confused by it, it is not surprising that the domain also comes with safety concerns. But, now that it is already clear that it is a domain owned by Google, there’s no need to be bothered by its safety concerns anymore. As Google uses it, the likelihood that it will harm people is low.

In addition, the domain is also assessed for its safety. According to Google Safe Browsing, is highly safe from malware, phishing, harmful applications, and unwanted software. There’s nothing malicious to it, so it will not threaten your online experience. 

On the other hand, McAfee WebAdvisor also verified that the domain is safe upon assessment. It is not a method that can steal private information. Additionally, the Web of Trust also confirms that the domain is safe for children. Therefore, you don’t need to be strongly bothered about safety concerns surrounding it. 


With all the information above, is confirmed as a safe Google site. As for its usage, Google uses its domain to host its photos and videos. In short, the domain serves as one of the platform’s reliable image hosting services. 

ggpht com

Redirect versions

Typically, the domain works fine; however, there are some instances that it is not accessible. What you can do is try its redirect versions. Either,, or are the possible redirect versions that might work for you.