How to Use Klarna for Goat

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Updated on April 3, 2022

Goat lists some of the most precious sports and art memorabilia on its storefront. Everyone wants something to cherish from their favorite sport stars or artistes, but not everyone can afford it.  

So, does Goat accept Klarna for orders? Yes, Goat accepts Klarna as a means of payment for its memorabilia, but this option is available in few countries.  

In this guide, you’ll find every important detail about how to use Klarna to make purchases on Goat with ease. With access to this info, you can shop for your favorite stars’ memorabilia and pay at your own convenience. 

Does Goat Accept Klarna?

Goat is one of few vintage and contemporary memorabilia stores that accept Klarna as a direct payment method. Klarna users have access to direct credit for purchasing their dream sports or art memorabilia and pay later. 

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) app provides support for a full checkout to let you receive your goods in earnest. Shoppers don’t have any issues with Goat after such a contract, as Klarna will cover all shopping expenses at checkout. 

Different plans are available from Klarna to give users enough flexibility to make comfortable payments in installments. However, a Klarna user might have limited access to some expensive items on Goat without enough backing from the BNPL app.  

How Do I Checkout with Klarna on Goat Tips For Efficiency

How Do I Checkout with Klarna on Goat?

Klarna Checkout on Goat offers a complete solution to pay for your favorite items. Two methods are available to checkout with Klarna on Goat: 

First way to checkout with Klarna on Goat: With a One-Time card

A One-Time card provides Klarna users an opportunity to shop and Pay now for their entire purchase.  One-Time cards can be created at will and are available to Klarna users without a zero or negative balance. 

To checkout with this option, choose Klarna after selecting your preferred items on Goat and click on Pay now. You will be redirected to a page where you can make complete purchases for your items with a linked credit card. 

Second way to checkout with Klarna on Goat: With regular installment plans

Klarna supports three installment payment plans to help shoppers purchase items on Goat with ease. Shoppers can select between Pay-in-4 and Pay-in-3 to suit their financial profile. 

Pay-in-4 is a payment method that spreads installments over a 4-week period. You can proceed to checkout on Goat and choose Klarna as your preferred payment method. 

After clicking on Klarna, choose Pay-in-4 or Pay in 30 days as your preferred installment plan. Klarna will split your entire payments into four, with one payment due every week.

Pay-in-4 usually doesn’t become active until the first installment is paid and after shipping. 

Pay-in-3 offers Klarna users longer financing plans that could last within 6 – 36 months. The flexible checkout system is available for Goat, just select Pay-in-3 after proceeding to checkout.  

Klarna Checkout usually receives updates, meaning that the process to pay on Goat may be subject to change. 

How Many Times Can I Use Klarna on Goat?

Klarna does not specify any credit limit for its users on Goat. All Klarna users can access credit to shop for items as many times as they desire.

But Klarna users must settle outstanding debts on previous Goat purchases before accessing new credit. 

If you desire information on how much credit you can access on Klarna, you can reach out to their customer service. Klarna’s customer service will send you an email containing information on how much you can spend in online stores. 

What Payment Method Does Goat Use Tips For Efficiency

What Payment Method Does Goat Use?

Goat accepts MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and Visa credit and debit cards for direct payments. Shoppers can also pay for items with Klarna, SOFORT, Cartes Bancaires, and other payment methods available in some countries. 

Bank transfer options are also available for direct cash payments before Goat ships your ordered items. 

What are Alternatives to Klarna for Buying Goat? 

PayPal Credit is a top payment option available to Goat shoppers in some countries. The service is linked to your regular PayPal account and allows shoppers pay for prized items over a convenient timeline. 

Afterpay is another suitable payment option available to Goat users. With Afterpay, shoppers can purchase valuable items on Goat and pay back over a comfortable period. 

It’s worth noting that Afterpay is only available to shoppers in few countries worldwide. Check if it’s available in your country before making it your preferred option.  

Affirm provides shoppers in the US, UK, and other countries another alternative to shop for items on Goat. Shoppers that use Affirm have access to massive credit and a broad installment plan to make convenient payments. 

Giropay is an alternative to Klarna to help shoppers purchase vintage memorabilia of their favored sports and art personalities. The platform is currently available to shoppers in Germany and supports swift checkout and shipping.