Google is trash

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 10, 2022

Due to its extensive popularity, it is easy to trust that Google is the best search giant we can rely on. But we are making a fool of ourselves because Google has sly moves to manipulate and use us to its advantage. It no longer thinks about giving a great Google experience. Rather, it just exists to squeeze people out, making it totally useless and trash. 

Sure, Google can help us search for information about common queries. But, not all data is reliable, and we are also bombarded with tons of ads on most websites. In fact, when you try to search for something unique, you will see ridiculous results. That’s how you see how incompetent Google is. 

Because of how powerful and smart Google is, it is well aware of how it can improve. However, there are no signs that Google will do that to please its users. Its issues keep pushing some of us to our limits — if you are still clueless about how Google keeps its trash service and how shameless it is, keep on reading. You’ll never know; maybe it is time to be anti-Google. 

Google has ridiculous search suggestions.

Google is trash

Of course, we can be silly and search about anything on Google. Yet, it is expected that Google will not do the same since it must always be accurate. Since it is a big search engine, it should be. However, it is not, but it is lying to be more accurate than it really is. Well, this is where the problem comes now. The search suggestions are ridiculous; they even lead to foolish recommendations far from the truth. 

For instance, I searched for the keyword “men can” and just let Google suggest something. Thought the recommendations would be informative, but they are not! Most are definitely absurd, like leading to results about men can lactate, men can have periods, men can breastfeed, and many more outrageous things. 

Just for the sake of argument — Google might have those suggestions based on what people popularly searched for. However, shouldn’t it be smart enough to get rid of those inaccurate recommendations? It seems that Google is incompetent or not dedicated to doing anything to be more helpful and informative. A big search engine that can’t do anything is trash. 

When one misinformation can definitely ruin something, Google chooses what is popular over accurate. This explains why it is not trustworthy on crucial information. 

It prioritizes advertisers over users.

Google is trash

It is frightening that Google is powerful enough to push advertisements on more websites. On top of that, it doesn’t seem to bug even though there are many complaints. It keeps shoving advertisements to our faces, implying that we have no say in whatever it will do. 

Ads are just all over the place and keep popping anywhere. Not only are ads annoying to see, especially those we can’t get rid of, but advertisements are also a threat. Some advertisements are viruses upon clicking, and Google just lets them be as long as they produce a profit. How trustworthy is Google today? The reality will deeply upset you. 

Google only gives limited storage capacity per account.

Google is trash

Frankly, it seems that Google can be more generous in providing higher storage capacity per account. Also, it benefits Google if it just upgrades the storage capacity of its long-time user. However, it seems that loyalty is not what Google wants. Rather, its target might be income again. 

See, the only thing we can do to have a higher storage capacity on our Google account is to purchase it. What’s more frustrating is that the cost of the upgrade is not cheap. However, we don’t have a choice since it is easy to reach the storage limit. At the end of the day, it seems that it is a well-planned sly move by Google to make money out of our frustration from it. 

How enraging that we only have two options about this: regularly delete our files, including emails, or just pay. After all, it can be frustrating and inconvenient to delete files and later realize that we still need them. 

Google has very high RAM consumption.

Google is trash

When we are searching for something important on Google, it is a common technique to open different sites and tabs. Well, to compare the information. What’s frustrating is we have everything we need ready, but Google is not working the way we want. 

After several minutes, most opened tabs need to load again. It is just time-consuming and inconvenient. This high RAM consumption creates a high degree of stress for some Google users. If it is also happening to you, don’t deny that it is truly annoying. 

Google retains private information.

Google is trash

This is more than just an assumption because Google seems not to hide evidence that supports this rant about it. To be specific, the advertisements we see seem really meant for us to see. Even if Google just retains our search history, it is hard to find it a coincidence that we actually get to see ads that we can relate to. 

At first, we might think that it is luck that Google brings us what we want. However, if Google earns money by bombarding us with targeted ads, it is quite an alarming thought because it is like it sells us out. If even just a simple search on Google will lead to the use of our data is straight up a disturbance. 

Just imagine how we see that we are lucky since a big search engine remains free, but the truth is we are getting robbed of our data. It is not the people to blame for being clueless about it; it is Google that’s being sneaky. 

Google always tracks us and we can’t even do something about it. 

Google is trash

What makes Google alarming is that it can still track our location even if we have already off the tracking feature. It seems that Google has sneaky ways of always spying on us, whether on our IP address or our last activity using the engine. But why does Google want to track our every move and location? 

Well, the feature seems to translate to using us again. While we see that our location is not as significant as our other information, Google makes something out of it and takes advantage of that to make sure that we receive targeted ads. Funny how we think that we use Google for free when in fact, it has already used us long before.

Even if tracking us consumes our data and battery, Google keeps doing it. Worst of all, even if we already know about that, we can’t do anything since Goole will limit us with the use of its features. If we try to stop it, Google will just make us lose more. No matter what strategy we see to make Google stop following our location, it still has the power to do it. 

It is trash how Google uses its “power” to rule people. Also, it is a mockery that Google doesn’t even have an effort to hide that it spies on us. As if it really knows we can’t do something about it. 

Google mostly gives outdated information.

Google is trash

Google is not spared with the power of popularity. That’s why it keeps presenting us with outdated information, not the latest. The most visited or clicked websites are what we always see, even if they are not even good. For that reason, it becomes unreliable to gather information from Google. Worst of all, it always presents us with sites bombarded with advertisements. 

As it is a big engine, it is disappointing that Google can’t let us see more reliable and interesting sites. Google right now does not deserve to be acknowledged as a big search engine. It just doesn’t operate like one.