By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on August 17, 2022

Hooktube is a popular site known for no-impact video watching. Obvious from its name that it works following what the famous YouTube does: offer videos to people. What’s different about Hooktube is the videos it presents to viewers are not from its site. Rather, they are still YouTube videos. 

Moreover, when you watch from Hooktube, regardless of the video, none will be awarded the additional view count. Sounds cruel since it seems not appreciation to the video content creator, right? Well, there is a reasonable excuse why the site is doing that. It is to keep your private data from Google. 


Since Hooktube does not direct any data to Google, you can ensure that you can remain unnoticed while watching or downloading videos—know about that and more relevant information about Hooktube below. 

About Hooktube

Hooktube is an enemy of YouTube and Google since it allows people to stay undetected from watching YouTube videos. Basically, the site works effectively to shadow you with your video streaming adventures. 

To be specific, what Hooktube does is extract the YouTube video you want and let you access them without a problem while not letting YouTube track you at the same time. Its primary purpose is to be a lightweight version of YouTube. 

Besides that, it is also ad-free, which makes it greater than YouTube. No interrupted watching is what Hooktube provides. This is why it is popular with many people. Too bad that it didn’t last long. 


Here are some of the interesting services you can expect with Hooktube:

Downloading videos

As already discussed above, Hooktube extracts YouTube videos for easier download. In fact, there are two ways that you can download videos using Hooktube. What’s great about them is that they are both simple and short processes. 

No impact video watching 

Watching from Hooktube doesn’t add any view to the original YouTube video. This explains its no impact video watching service. Surely, this Hooktube service serves as a feature that protects your private data from YouTube and Google. The site blocks the direct traffic so that it won’t reach them. 

Access to geo-location and age-restricted videos

Hooktube can keep you protected and away from YouTube. That’s why it can’t verify your age and location. This allows you to bypass and see any YouTube video, regardless of age and geo-location restrictions. There’s no way that YouTube can really access your information regarding the verification matters, and this makes Hooktube more praiseworthy. 

Offers YouTube’s quarantined videos


Just like letting you watch the age and geo-location restricted videos, Hooktube can also present YouTube’s quarantined videos. Even if they are hidden content, you can still access them with the help of Hooktube. You just need to stick the URL to the site, and Hooktube will do the trick.


There’s nothing much to expect with the Hooktube site design. As a matter of fact, its name to the site design doesn’t look to have any originality. 

Minimalist design

Hooktube did not aim for fancy site designs. Instead, it just settled for a minimalist and clean design. At the same time, it also went for a clear design, like there’s no effort in styling the site—this is almost a no-effort design. 

Similarities of Hooktube designs with YouTube

Interestingly, YouTube also has a quite minimalist design. With this, it is like Hooktube is just a copycat of YouTube. Well, its name is even inspired by YouTube, so it is not surprising that Hooktube seems to just copy everything from YouTube. 

As Hooktube is barely distinctive from YouTube, the first impression you might have of it is just really a copycat. 

Search and browsing 

What’s annoying about YouTube is that once you show interest in certain videos, it will eventually just bombard you with similar and related videos. Now, the great thing about Hooktube is that it eliminates this dilemma. Learn more about this below.  

Private search of videos

Hooktube is the one that seems to request the videos you want to watch from YouTube. That’s why you can really search YouTube videos privately. With Hooktube, there’s no need to worry about restrictions. 

Easy browsing and remain undetected from YouTube

As Hooktube is the one you can take advantage of to search YouTube videos privately, you can do easy browsing and trust that you will remain undetected during the entire browsing experience. 

Download features

Rather than presenting its own videos, Hooktube focused on providing a seamless solution to download their favorite YouTube videos. This gives the expectation for Hooktube’s download features. Read on below to know them. 

HTML5 video download feature

Since Hooktube features an HTML5 video download feature, this explains how the site can download any video by default. What you need to do when downloading from Hooktube is to search for the tiny download icon. It is just right below the video. Thus, you won’t be confused. 

Once you click the download icon, the video will be downloaded, and you can see the progress on your browser tab. Generally, the default format of the video is 1280×720 mp4. Nonetheless, you can pick any different format, but the default format is already the highest quality of Hooktube. 

Multitude of available formats

As already mentioned, Hooktube has a default video format, but you are free to choose from the multitude of available formats. This is an advantage since the YouTube videos you want to download can be flexible in quality and size. What’s more interesting about Hooktube is that it allows downloading videos without audio. 

Reviews on Hooktube

Being a copycat of YouTube, Hooktube is also quite popular. Therefore, it also has a fair share of reviews. 

Positive sides

Even though Hooktube is highly similar to YouTube, it has its own positive reviews, such as: 

  • Hooktube is fun.
  • It allows easy browsing and downloading.
  • Hooktube saves viewers from the hassle of downloading YouTube videos.
  • It is great for its no-impact video watching.

Negative sides 

Like any site, Hooktube also comes with negative sides. The following are some of them: 

  • Hooktube has a very long page loading time. 
  • It has delays. 
  • Videos automatically play on Hooktube. It is quite annoying for some viewers.
  • The video suggestion on Hooktube is not that great due to its ability to access restricted videos. 


With all the features of Hooktube, it is clear why it is an enemy of YouTube and Google. That’s why it is not completely surprising that the site didn’t last for too long. Basically, it is gone, so it is time to look for alternatives. Here are some of you can choose:


Invidious is a great alternative since it allows you to see YouTube videos without actually visiting the said site. Additionally, many people believe that it is greater than YouTube since it can block annoying ads. No more frustrations about bothersome campaign advertisements. A bonus it offers is the privacy of data. 


NewPipe is not dependent on any Google Play Service or YouTube API. Therefore, it is great to use on android devices. What makes it a great alternative is that it is lightweight with only a minimal size, boasting a quick performance advantage. Also, it lets you stay anonymous while watching and downloading YouTube videos. Ultimately, it shows no ads. 

The features of NewPipe are highly similar to Hooktube. That’s why it is undeniably a top alternative. 


With FreeTube, you can subscribe to YouTube channels without revealing your information. Primarily, it is focused on privacy and the blocking of ads. Even though it is quite a good alternative, there are still issues with its features and bugs. So, do good additional research if you want to use it. 


SkyTube barely differs from the alternatives above. As a matter of fact, it can also let you access YouTube without an account. Of course, it can also block ads and let you download anonymously. It is just like many sites really have similar features like Hooktube.