House Without Basement

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on April 19, 2023

So you are about to buy or get a house built. One of the things you should consider is the foundation type of a house. Among the three most common foundations is the basement.

The basement in the house can serve many different purposes; homeowners can use them for storage, safe havens, or livable spaces. But keep in mind that depending on the area the house is located, it may not have a basement. Thus, if you are building a house, it is best to first research whether your neighbors have basements and if it is a good idea to have one.

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House Without Basement

Is the basement important in the house?

Depending on the place you are in. In many states, it is important because it affects the house’s resale value. But in places like Texas, it does not matter because basements are basically non-existent.

So, if basements are common in your area, should you have a basement as your house’s foundation? It is a great idea; basements offer you more space, which you can use as storage or livable spaces for guests. Furthermore, fixing plumbing is easier when you have a basement.

“House without basement” Problems

There definitely are problems in houses that do not have a basement.

 For starters, they may not have enough space. One of the best things about basements is you can use them for storage. So if you don’t have that, many of your things would be in your rooms and hallways, making the space very cluttered.

Basements also add a safe haven in dangerous weather to your house. They are more protected during tornadoes because they are built completely underground. And basements provide people in places where the weather can be very hot with a space to cool off.

Of course, if you don’t have a basement, you can’t enjoy these benefits.

The lack of a basement can also indicate an insufficient foundation that can heave seasonally with frost.

And last, the lack of a basement hurts the resale value of your house. That indeed is a problem.

House Without Basement

Buying a house without a basement

Should you buy a house without a basement? 

In the housing market’s current state, unless having a basement is really uncommon, those that have it are your better option. It gives you extra space that you can use to store your things, house your guests, or use as a gym or entertainment room.

Is it harder to sell houses without basements?

Yes, it definitely is – except in places where most houses are built on a slab foundation. People who have lots of things or kids would prefer to buy a home with a basement. And if yours does not have one, you may need to compensate by adding a recreation room or additional space.

With all that said, not buying a house without a basement is what you should do.

Building a house without a basement

Why should a basement be on your wishlist?

A basement provides storage space and more living space. It also allows you to maximize the square footage of the main living areas in houses with a small footprint.

What are the advantages of building a house without a basement?

First, basements are more expensive to build than a slab or crawlspace. Having a basement also increases the likelihood of a radon issue. And there’s the potential of flooding without a sump pump.

Humidity in basements may also cause mold and mildew growth.

In some states, it is completely okay to build a house without a basement because it is not as necessary as in other states.

What states have basements?

States in the west are the areas where basements are most popular. The West Central States are particularly the hotspot for basements. That includes the following states:

  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

On the other hand, in the East North Central subdivision, you have a 50 – 50 chance of finding a house with a basement. These states include:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Ohio
  • Wisconsin

In the states that form the “West South Central,” the basement inclusion rate is 0.05%. These states are:

House Without Basement
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

The rest of the states have even fewer or even no basements.

What is a house without a basement called?

A house without a basement is called a slab home.

Is it worth it to build a basement?

We can’t emphasize this enough; houses with basements give you more space. You can make that your gym, man cave, entertainment room, storage, laundry room, or even guest room. Also, it gives you a place to hide during severe weather, like when there is a tornado.

So, that is a solid yes. It is worth it to build a basement.