How Much Do Twitch Affiliates Make Per Advertisement?

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on April 1, 2022

Twitch has grown wide especially during this time of pandemic where people have been into watching various types of online contents such as online video games, ASMR, podcasts, and many other more. Because of the platform’s immense popularity, many people have dug into using this platform and therefore, many would also take this opportunity to gain income as well. In Twitch, you can make money from different resources which include subscriptions, viewer donations, Twitch Bits, advertisements, sponsorships, merchandise, online game sales, and affiliate marketing.

In fact, even just by playing advertisements during the natural breaks of the streams can make you earn money. You may even gain 0.35 cents for every viewed advertisement. Although it looks little, thinking from a wider perspective, you may actually earn $3.50 if you have at least 1000 viewers who have also watched the advertisements being run.

Do Twitch Affiliates Get Paid for Advertisements?

Good news for Twitch Affiliates because starting last April 15, 2019, Twitch Affiliates can have the opportunity to earn revenue from the advertisements that were being shown in their own channels. It is even required for you to broadcast advertisement breaks that will either be played manually by you, the Affiliate or be played automatically. With each advertisement being watched, Affiliates can earn a small portion of the revenue.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make from Advertisements?

Twitch Streamers can gain from a wide range of revenue resources. These include subscriptions, advertisements, donations, and Bits, which are virtual goods that users can buy to cheer streamers. Although there are many ways by which streamers can gain money from, unfortunately, not all are eligible in earning money on Twitch. This is because Twitch requires that a certain number of followers, broadcast hours, and viewers is achieved. Upon achieving this number, streamers are invited to the Twitch’s Affiliate Program which allows creators to monetize their streamers.

Similar to other popular platforms, streams in Twitch always begin with advertisements. Streamers can even click on the ‘ad button’ any time they would want to with their viewers. Earnings you can get from advertisements depend on demands and seasons, but Twitch streamers can make approximately an average of $2500 for every 1000 subscribers. The months of June, October, November, and December are said to be the times when advertisers pay the most. One drawback, however, is that users tend to turn their ad blocker setting on. Fortunately, most streamers are allowed to ask their viewers to turn this setting off to help them gain income.

Streamers who have 50 to 100 subscribers, aka small Twitch Streamers, can approximately earn around $500 every month. For expert Streamers, they can earn around $3000 to $5000 a month provided that they can play for 40 hours per week. In fact, average Twitch streamers can earn a revenue of $250 for every 100 subscribers. However, prior to earning money, streamers should have around 500 regular viewers. Streamers who have less followers tend to earn significantly less money which is why it is beneficial to build up a large following community.

It is important to consider that advertising rates differ from each Twitch streamer. This is because Twitch creates a personalized contract with each partnered streamer based on their own rates and demands. A confidentiality clause is also attached which makes it quite hard to establish standard rates from advertisements.

How Much Do Affiliates Make on Advertisements?

With regards to how much Twitch Affiliates can earn from advertisements, currently, all revenue is set to gain $3.50 CPM regardless of the location from which the Twitch user is viewing the advertisement. CPM means Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand. This only indicates that considering the set ad revenue at $3.50 CPM, the Affiliate is then entitled to receive 0.35 cents for every viewed advertisement.

Recently, Twitch has unveiled its new program called the Ad Incentives Program (AIP), however, this program can only be offered to a selected group of Affiliates and Partners. The program provides three offers: (1) $500 for every 2 minutes of ads per hour of streaming, (2) $800 for every 3 minutes of ads per hour of streaming, or (3) $1000 for every 4 minutes of ads per hour of streaming. Remember that each of the three offers require a minimum of 40 streaming hours per month.

Net-15 Payout is the term used to refer to the payout for Twitch Affiliates, Partners, and Extension Developers that is to be given 15 days following the end of the calendar month. In fact, every Affiliate is entitled to receive the revenue earned from advertisements provided that their total revenue balance has reached the $100 payout threshold. This new pay-out term is 30 days faster than the previous payout term, Net-45. For instance, gaining an ads revenue in April 2019 will allow the Affiliate to be paid at around the 15th day of the next month, May 2019. Compared with the previous pay-out term, the Affiliate will be receiving payment rather at a later date that is, roughly on the 15th day of June 2019.

How Much Do Twitch Affiliates Make Per Sub?

Twitch Affiliates earn 50% from their subscribers’ fee while the other 50% is taken by Twitch. Therefore, for instance, if a subscriber pays the monthly subscription fee of $9.99, then you would gain half of it, $4.99 while the other half is for Twitch. If you are lucky enough that your subscriber chooses to pay the higher monthly subscription fee of $24.99, then you would get $12.495 from it.