How to DDoS a Discord Server

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Updated on July 4, 2022

WARNING: DDoS can cause serious financial damage to another person, and we DO NOT recommend anybody doing this. However, if you’re the admin of a Discord server and you’re worried about how someone could DDoS your Discord Server, then read on!

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyber-attack on a service, server, or website. DDoS attacks usually channel massive internet traffic towards one site to overwhelm it. 

Knowing how to DDos a Discord server is not as direct as on other platforms. Discord operates on a closed IP architecture, making it difficult for users to experience DDoS attacks. 

Even if DDoSing a Discord server is hard: it’s not impossible. 

In this guide, you’ll find information on how to DDoS a Discord server in simple steps. Making the most of these steps eases any DDoS attempt you plan to undertake. 

Can I DDoS My Own Server?

Initiating a DDoS attempt on your server is legal. Since you have access to the connection, servers, and network, you’re not committing a crime. 

However, you’re only allowed to test your own network defenses with a DDoS attack. Running a DDoS attack on a server you don’t own is not legal. 

Is It Possible for Someone to DDoS Your Discord Server?

It is possible for somebody to DDoS your Discord server. However, it’s not an easy task to complete. Discord uses a client-server build for voice and text communications, securely cloaking IPs in most cases. 

However, some lapses may exist and tech-savvy individuals can still source a server’s IP from Discord. 

How to DDoS a Discord Server

Two ways exist to DDoS a Discord server. Here’s a detailed look at each method with complete steps:

First way to DDoS a Discord server: Through server attacks

Follow these steps to DDoS a Discord server:

Step 1: Locate the server’s IP address

You can find a server’s IP address by visiting any of its pages through your Web browser and typing Ctrl + Shift + I. These keys will reveal much information about a server, including its IP address. 

Step 2: Initiate DDoS protocols against server IP

Initiating a DDoS protocol involves directing overwhelming internet traffic towards a server. Such protocols involve channeling traffic from other sites or using a barrage of spam texts against the server. 

A sustained DDoS protocol against one server IP or datacenter will slow down its operations or cause a shutdown. 

Step 3: Confirm results 

After initiating the protocols, it’s time to visit that server you targeted to check for results. Confirm if the server is difficult to access or offline; if any of these results are visible, the attack is successful. 

Second way to DDos a Discord server: Through bot inclusions

Take the following steps to DDoS a Discord server:

Step 1: Locate the server’s IP address

You can locate a Discord server’s IP address by using the Inspect function through your Web browser. All you need to do is access the Discord server from your PC and press Ctrl + Shift + I.

After this, you can locate the server IP address from codes running that particular server. It’s also possible to locate a Discord server IP using the basic ping script of your device’s command prompt.  

Trying to locate an IP through any of the above means could be tasking. Such an effort also requires some coding experience and may take some time to complete.  

Step 2: Direct bots to infiltrate the server architecture

Several online bots are capable of directing internet traffic towards sites to generate clicks and visits. You can direct several of these bots to infiltrate the Discord server and bombard it with traffic. 

A successful infiltration attempt will log massive traffic towards the Discord server, which may slow down its operations. In other cases, such an attempt may completely shut down a Discord server for extended periods. 

Step 3: Confirm results

The best way to confirm if the DDoS attempt is successful is to visit the targeted server. If the server is still running, then your botnet infiltration may not have directed much traffic to that server. 

You can try to initiate another attempt until the server stops being operational or becomes hard to access. That way, you can be sure of a successful DDoS attack on your target Discord server.  

How Much Does It Cost to DDoS a Discord Server?

The regular cost to DDoS a company server like that of Discord could cost $1 per minute. But some organized, high-end DDoS attacks could cost about $670 per minute or more.

Expensive DDoS attacks usually target large servers and may cause lengthy shutdowns if successful. 

Is DDoSing Illegal?

Initiating a DDoS attack on a server you don’t own is illegal. DDoSing a server is a US federal crime and attracts serious penalties upon conviction.

How Can I Tell If I Am Being DDoSed?

You will know if you’re a victim of a DDoS attack if your server continually responds with a 503 error. A DDoS attack may be targeting your server if you notice too many requests on your IP too. 

Can You Go to Jail for DDoSing?

In the US, anyone convicted of starting a DDoS attack without permission will face 10 years in prison. Serious DDoS offenses may lead to a prison sentence and a $500,000 fine.