How To Get Gifted A Sub On Twitch

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on April 30, 2022

Gifted subscriptions are a way to show love and support for a streamer or channel.  Subs can be gifted as part of tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 categories of subscriptions.  Gifted subscriptions directly benefit the streamer, as it is an additional source of income.  Additionally, more subscriptions allow the streamers to unlock additional emotes on their channel as well as other exclusive perks!

Perhaps more important than the income received by the streamer is the effect of subscriptions on the community-building aspect of subscriptions.  Recipients of gifted subscriptions will feel an even greater connection to the community, encouraging viewers to interact and stay on the channel.  Therefore, gifting subs is a way to encourage the recipient to resubscribe and become an active participant of your channel! 

How To Get a Sub on Twitch?

Gifted subscriptions can be rewarded to a specific person in the channel or to a random viewer by  the streamer or by an individual donor.  The easiest way to get gifted a sub Twitch is by simply viewing the channel’s content or following the channel.  By becoming a follower or viewer, you become part of the pool that is qualified to receive gifted subs.  If you are noticed by the streamer or individual donor on the channel, they can gift you a sub.  Since one of the ways you can gift a sub is by clicking individual names in a chat, quality interactions with the channel can get you noticed! 

Gifted subs by the name itself means someone paid for your subscription. Getting gifted a sub by streamers is random so you may have to wait. One way where you can potentially be part of random viewers to receive sub is when you chat more often on twitch. Viewers may also gift a sub to other viewers watching the stream. This can help the streamer’s channel a long way. Following big streamers decrease the chance of getting a sub because you are competing with other viewers. However, if you follow smaller communities with a substantial amount of activity, you have a better chance of receiving a sub as there are limited viewers only. 

Are Gifted Subs Random?

Not all gifted subs are random, as a donor can select a specific person to gift a sub.  Subs are random when a donor chooses to gift subscriptions to the community.  As part of the community loot of subscriptions, these gifted subscriptions are distributed to a random recipient or multiple random recipients depending on how many subs were gifted.  A donor may choose to gift the sub to the Community, by clicking on the Gift a Sub button. 

What Happens When You Get Gifted a Sub on Twitch?

When gifted a sub, the recipient will be notified through Twitch’s notifications and an alert will also be sent to the streamer, notifying that a gift was given. By default, gifted subscriptions last one month.  However, multi-month subscriptions can also be gifted.  

Subscriptions allow viewers to have a better Twitch experience by removing ads, giving access to the channel’s emoticons, instating unique badges, and access to exclusive streams.  The number of emotes that are available on a channel corresponds to the number of subscriptions.  These emotes can be used in other channels and are available on the Twitch channel’s respective Discord channels.  Unique badges, which can be customized by the streamer, are awarded based on the number of consecutive months of your subscription.  For example, subscribers for 1 month will have a different badge than subscribers for 3 consecutive months.  Exclusive streams depend on if the streamer hosts a sub-only stream.  Exclusive streams can entice viewers to subscribe to your channel.  For example, exclusive giveaways or competitions can be created just for subscribers.  Other methods streamers use on exclusive streams include playing games with a subscriber.  Streamers may also opt to allow chat for subscribers only, as an additional perk for subscribing. 

3 Tips to Get Gifted a Sub

Gifted subs are one of the best ways to show support to a streamer, and a lot of viewers pay actual money to give this as a token to them. There are no definite steps to get this gift, but you can try doing these tips to increase your chances of receiving it:

Tip #1 Interact with your viewers.

Viewers tend to turn into avid fans when the streamer is not only good at what they do, but they also interact with their audience. Most viewers look for genuine connection and virtual friendships with their favorite streamers, so engaging with them would help you increase your chances of getting gifted subs and even increase your followers.

Tip #2 Give other channels a follow.

A part of building your Twitch presence is following different channels. This will not only help you interact with other users but this will help you get gifted a sub.

Tip #3 Participate in giveaways.

Most users are reluctant in joining giveaways on Twitch, but it is guaranteed that most of the giveaways that the streamers do are legitimate and you can actually win a lot of prizes from it. Some streamers give gifted subs to whoever wins their giveaways, so you might as well try joining one.

Bonus Tip: Never beg for a gifted sub.

This last tip is like an unwritten rule on Twitch– never ask or beg for gifted subs. We’ve seen a lot of streamers do this, and they lose more viewers than gaining gifted subs. This will not give you a good reputation as a streamer, and you might actually lose viewers when you do this, so keep this tip in mind!

How to Claim a Gifted Sub on Twitch Mobile?

Congratulations to you if you have received a sub!  There is no need to claim a gifted sub, as the subscription will automatically apply to your account.   A notification will appear on your page at the top right. Once clicked, it will tell you who sent the gift and the channel of subscription you were gifted.

Along with other types of subscriptions, your gifted subscriptions can be viewed by going to the Twitch Subscriptions page.  You may click on your display picture and click “Subscriptions”  to access this page.

Do Streamers Get Money from Gifted Subs

Yes, a percentage of the subscription fee paid for by the donor will go to the streamer, just like normal subs.  For twitch affiliates, 50% of the subscription fee will go to the streamer and for Twitch Partners, 70% will go to the streamer.  For example, for a sub that costs $9.99, the streamer would receive about $5 or $7, depending on their status as affiliate or partner.  Tier 1 subscriptions cost $4.99/month, Tier 2 subscriptions cost $9.99/month, and Tier 3 subscriptions cost $24.99.