How to Make Discord Start on Startup

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Updated on April 14, 2022

Discord is available as a mobile app and also has a desktop application for PC users. Both apps work differently on startup as the desktop version needs some settings to start on startup. 

Discord can automatically start on your computer if enabled as a startup program. Enabling Discord on startup makes it easy to access all its features whenever your device is turned on. 

But knowing how to make Discord start on startup may be challenging for some users. That’s why this guide provides information on how to add Discord to your computer’s list of startup items. 

Taking cues from this post guarantees you ease of access to use Discord on your computer without hassle. 

Why is My Discord Not Opening on Startup?

Discord may fail to open on startup due to load time lagging on your PC. If you have too many programs listed to open on startup, some or all of these apps may fail. 

The Discord PC app may also fail to start if it’s out-of-date or not allowed to start on your computer. 

How to Enable Discord on Startup for Windows

Enable Discord for startup on Windows with the following steps:

Step 1- Open Settings on Discord app

Step 1: Open Settings on Discord app

Download and open the Discord app on your computer. You will see a Settings icon in the app. Click on this icon to reveal the default settings for Discord. 

Step 2 Scroll to Windows settings

Step 2: Scroll to Windows settings

Choose the Windows Settings option in the settings app.

Step 3 Click on the Open Discord Button

Step 3: Click on the Open Discord Button

In the Windows Settings option, you will see ‘Open Discord’ with a button beside it. Click on this button to turn on Discord for auto-startup.

Step 4: Close and Restart Discord

Close Discord and restart your device to confirm if these changes work. 

How to Fix Discord Not Opening on Startup

You can fix Discord by taking any of these three steps below:

Uninstall/re-install the app

Installing the latest version of Discord on your PC may be a smart way to fix auto-run on startup issues. After installing the app, you can go ahead to check it as a startup program. 

Check Discord as a startup program

You can also enable Discord as a startup program and get it to run every time your computer comes on. 

How to Enable Discord on Startup for Mac

Follow the steps below to enable Discord on your Mac:

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your Settings app on your Mac. The Settings app is usually displayed as a wheel. 

Step 2: Go to Users/Groups

On the Settings app, you will see Users and Groups. Click on this to reveal more options about your Mac device.

Step 3: Click on Login Items tab

Next, click on Login Items tab. This tab contains all apps on your device scheduled to start on startup.

Step 4: Enable Discord as a startup program and Restart your device

On the Login Items tab, enable Discord to start on startup and close your Settings app. Restart your Mac device to effect changes and save them for future sessions. 

How to Stop Discord from Updating on Startup Mac

Use these two methods on your Mac to prevent Discord from automatically updating:

First method: Through Discord

Step 1: Open Discord app

On your Mac, locate and open the Discord app.

Step 2: Go to Settings

In the app, locate the Settings Tab and click on it.

Step 3: Turn off Open Discord

You will see ‘Open Discord’ checked on the app. You can turn that button off and stop Discord from opening on startup. 

Step 4: Restart Discord

Restart your Discord app to save these changes, and you can restart your device to confirm Discord auto-start is disabled. 

Second method: Through System Preferences

Step 1: Go to System Preferences

On the Settings app of your Mac, go to System Preferences and you will see a list of options.

Step 2: Click on App Store

Clicking on App Store will reveal already installed apps on your Mac. 

Step 3: Uncheck apps from automatic updates

You can uncheck all apps from automatic updates. All you need to do is un-tick the box next to “Automatically check for updates”.

Note that this option will disable Discord and all other apps from your Mac from updating.  

Why is My Discord a GREY Screen on Startup?

Your Discord PC app could display a grey screen on startup due to the following issues:

Missing startup programs

Some startup programs responsible for opening apps after booting may have issues from time to time. If this happens, your Discord app may load on startup, but will reveal a grey screen after booting. 

Repairing broken or missing startup programs is a smart way to solve this issue and get Discord running again. 

Hardware acceleration issues

Issues with hardware acceleration may also cause the Discord app to fail on startup. Activating hardware acceleration if it’s turned off or deactivating it if it’s turned on could fix this issue. 

Login problems

Discord can be stuck at login due to some software issues. Sometimes, this may make it reveal a grey screen after startup.