How to Make OBS Record in MP4

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Updated on August 20, 2023

OBS allows streamers to record offline videos in .mp4 and other formats. Most OBS versions come with .mp4 set as the default extension for recording offline videos. Read on to learn how to make OBS record in mp4.

If OBS is not set to record offline videos in .mp4, you can set it up through the File menu with a few settings. Users can record .mp4 files on OBS with resolutions up to 1080p. 

Setting up OBS to record in .mp4 is easy when you can access the correct information. That’s why this article looks at information on how to make OBS record videos in .mp4. 

Taking cues from this guide makes getting offline recordings on OBS in .mp4 easier than ever. 

How to Make OBS Record in MP4

Step 1: Launch OBS

Open the OBS app on your computer. It’s recommended that you update your OBS app to the latest version before going ahead with these settings. 

Step 2: Select File 

Next, click on File from the OBS menu bar. 

Step 3: Select Settings > Output > Recording

After clicking on File, click Settings from all options and then Output from the sidebar menus. Next, go to the Recording tab where several recording options are available. 

Step 4: Select Recording Format

After selecting Recording, choose Recording Format and then select .mp4 from all options available. 

Step 5: Go to Video

Next, go to the Video sidebar in the Settings menu. 

Step 6: Select Output (Scaled Resolution)

After selecting Video, choose your preferred output resolution and click OK. 

How to Make OBS Record Offline in MP4

Step 1: Open OBS

Launch the OBS app from your computer. Install any automatic updates displayed on app startup and restart. 

Step 2: Click on File

Next, click File from the list of options available. After selecting File, click on Settings from the dropdown menu to reveal a pop-up window.

Step 3: Click Output

From the Settings menu, click Output from the list of sidebar options. 

Step 4: Go to Recording > Recording Format

Next, go to Recording and then Recording Format to access a list of available extensions to record videos offline.

Step 5: Select MP4

Choose .mp4 from a list of options available, click Apply, and then OK. 

Step 6: Start recording

Click on the Recording icon on the OBS preview screen to begin your recording. You can also set up shortcut keys to start your offline recording with ease. 

How to Convert OBS to MP4

Step 1: Open OBS

Launch OBS from your computer. If any updates are available on startup, install them before proceeding to convert OBS to .mp4. 

Step 2: Click File > Settings

Next, click on File and then Settings from your OBS main panel. The Settings tab is also easy to access from your preview screen’s bottom-right corner. 

Step 3: Select Output > Recording 

Next, select Output and then Recording to access your OBS Recording Format menu. In the Recording Format, select .mp4 from all available options and click OK. 

How to Change the Video Format in OBS

Step 1: Open OBS

Install any automatic updates on OBS and launch it on your PC. If no updates are available, proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Click File

Click on File and then Settings from your app’s main menu. You can also access the Settings menu from your preview screen’s bottom-right corner. 

Step 4: Click Output 

After accessing the Settings window, click Output from the sidebar options.

Step 5: Go to Recording Format

Next, go to Recording > Recording Format to access options to change your default OBS video format. 

How to Change OBS File Format from FLV to MP4

Below are the instructions on how to change what OBS records in instead of flv:

Step 1: Open OBS

Launch OBS from your computer. Consider updating your OBS app to its latest version before running each session. 

Step 2: Click File

Select Settings from the list of available options on the File menu.  

Step 3: Click Output 

Click on the Output sidebar to get access to the Recording window and other options to switch video settings. 

Step 4: Go to Recording Format

Go to Recording > Recording Format to access video file format options for OBS. 

Step 5: Switch Video format from FLV to MP4

Next, switch the video format from flv to mp4 from all available options. 

Which OBS Video Format is Best for Recording?

The best OBS video formats for recording are .flv, .mkv, and .mp4. .mkv recordings take more space for offline recordings than those compiled with .flv or .mp4 formats.    

Can I Re-Wrap MKV to MP4 on OBS?

It is possible to rewrap (remux) files created in MKV format on OBS to MP4 content. Converting files from MKV to MP4 usually has no effect on the overall quality of recordings.