How To Meet People On Discord

You can meet new people on Discord by joining new servers centered around your interests or hobbies. As you engage in discussions within those servers, your reputation will grow and making friends will become easier. 
By Kelvin Wamalwa Written by Kelvin Wamalwa
Updated on April 14, 2022

In the modern world and especially due to the lockdowns imposed in the past year and a half thanks to Covid-19, it’s quite common to spend more time interacting with people on the internet than we do interacting with people we know in real life. You can chat with your friends on Discord but it’s not impossible to make new ones on the platform if you’re so inclined.

You can meet new people on Discord by joining new servers centered around your interests or hobbies. As you engage in discussions within those servers, your reputation will grow and making friends will become easier. 

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Can you meet random people on Discord?

Yes, you can. Although random is a stretch. Since many Discord servers are often centered around people with a particular interest (say players of video game X), you are often going to be interacting with people you share an interest with unless you’re just randomly joining servers dedicated to things you don’t care about. 

The network of servers catering to specific interests actually makes it easier to make friends because you at least have something in common with the other members of your server. If you share similar opinions on your subject of interest, you have something to bond over. If you share contrasting opinions, you still have the makings of a lively debate.

How do you meet new people and make friends on Discord?

You meet new people by joining new Discord servers. Once you join a new server you just hang out and participate in discussions. With time you’ll become fairly well-known as you interact with the other participants in the servers you’re in and making friends will get easier. 

How do you find people on Discord without adding them?

Discord allows you to find users already on your contact list. With this feature, you have to allow the app access to your contacts and select the “Allow contacts to find me”. The app will then give you a list of users in your contact list who have turned on the “Allow contacts to find me option.”

The second option is Discord’s nearby scan feature. It scans Discord users within 100 feet of you. Both you and the other users in your locale have to have your location turned on. The nearby scan feature is great at finding people in your immediate neighborhood, provided they’re willing to socialize.

The third option is just plainly searching. For this to work, you need to know the person’s username and tag. The tag is the four-letter string of numbers that comes after the # sign. If you and the person you’re searching for are members of the same servers, you don’t need to know the tag. Discord will display a list of matching usernames once you type in the first few letters. If not, you have to know the tag or you’re out of luck.

What is a discord server for making new friends? 

You can make new friends on any Discord server. The more niche interest is, the easier it is to make friends because small communities are generally more tight-knit. Small fan groups are less rowdy and have fewer trolls. This makes bonding easier.

Someone who shares your interest in a particularly niche subject with you is also more likely to share your interest in more widespread subjects. That increases the number of subjects you can talk about. 

You can search public servers matching your interests in Discord’s server directory. You can also search subreddits and other online communities dedicated to your particular hobbies for Discord links. If a server dedicated to your particular interest doesn’t exist, you should make one.

There are also some large servers dedicated to general socializing that you can join if you just want to hang out and chat with other people on a wide array of subjects:

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  1. Chill Zone server

This server has over 320,000 members with a diverse array of interests. You can check-in at any time. You join the discussion here.

  1. The Daddy/Dadscord server

The Daddy server is another general-purpose socialization server allowing discussion on all manner of topics. It has close to 340,000 members. You can join here.

  1. Friendscord

This server is dedicated to making friends and just hanging out. It has over 60,000 members. Here’s the join link.

Is it safe to talk to strangers on Discord?

It’s generally safe to talk to strangers online, especially Discord which is mostly anonymous. A vast majority of users use pseudonyms and avatars instead of their real names and photos like they do on other platforms. 

The people you might interact with don’t pose much of a risk in themselves because they rarely know who you are or where you live. The problem lies within the contents of the conversion itself. When talking to strangers on Discord or anywhere else online, it’s not advisable to disclose any personally identifiable information like your real name or address. You can have a perfectly nuanced discussion on the merits and demerits of Game of Thrones with JaimeLannisterStan#6969 without needing to give out your social security number. 

Any stranger asking for personal information right away is often a red flag. The same applies to strangers who try to immediately steer into sensitive topics like sex or drug use. If you are a younger user (say a teenager) you should beware of much older users who are too keen on discussing personal subjects.